US News: Roseanna Christiansen, the Teresa de Dallas, died

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Roseanna Christiansen, la Teresa de Dallas, est morte © Capture CBS Roseanna Christiansen, the Teresa de Dallas, died She helped the Ewing family as she could for no less than six seasons, Roseanna Christiansen died in 71 years old.

appeared in the sixth season of Dallas , Roseanna Christiansen died at the age of 71 on July 14, announces her husband, Steven Rizzo, in the newspaper The Hollywood Reporter . The cause of death has not been revealed. She had been hospitalized at the Antelope Valley Medical Center located in Lancaster in California. It was in 1982 that she came to the casting of Dallas, The cult series imagined by David Jacobs . It appears there from season 6, and will stay there until the end, the 14th season, broadcast in 1991.

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success with Dallas for 112 episodes

in no less than 112 episodes, She embodies the good one who helps the Ewing family, in their Southfork ranch. His character, Teresa, will therefore enter the home of millions of Americans, and be helped by the butler of the family, Raoul (embodied by Tony Garcia). But before joining Dallas and becoming famous, Roseanna Christiansen played another good in another popular series of CBS, the Jefferson. She then appeared in several episodes after being hired by George (Sherman Hemsley) and Louise Jefferson (Isabel Sanford) after the departure of Florence, her predecessor, played by Marla Gibbs. As The Hollywood Reporter recalls, she had tried a solo career in a spin-off centered on her character, but the sitcom had then only lasted four episodes. After this failure, she was back in the original series, therefore signing the end of Roseanna Christiansen's contract.

She had become a coach in Acting

Little Last of a siblings of four children, she also walked the Broadway boards then child, before graduating in 1969. She decided to leave everything to settle in Los Angeles. She meets her husband, Steven Rizzo in stride before marrying in 1989. She is the mother of two, Josiah and Grace. After the end of Dallas , she worked as an acting coach, a kind of "therapy for budding actors" , said her husband.

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