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"disrespectful": stir around a Saudi golf tournament at Donald Trump

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Donald Trump parlant à la Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) à Dallas, le 6 août 2022. © Go Nakamura / Reuters Donald Trump Speaking at the Political Action Conference (CPAC) conservative (CPAC) in Dallas, August 6, 2022.

An unofficial survey carried out at the 'Occasion of a conference of republican supporters in Texas shows that Donald Trump remains the favorite figure of republican activists to be a candidate in 2024 in the next presidential election.

The former American president Donald Trump will present himself to the 2024 presidential election? In any case, he seems to be the favorite of republican supporters, according to a survey carried out on the occasion of a conference of the main American conservatives, the Political Action Conference Conservative in Dallas, tells CNN .

For the funeral of Ivana, Donald Trump would have chosen to make tax optimization

 For the funeral of Ivana, Donald Trump would have chosen to make tax optimization his ex-wife is now based on one of his golf courses, allowing the former American president to pay less Taxes. © Eren Abdullahogullarä ± Anadolu Agencyanadoli Agency via AFP for Ivana's burial, Donald Trump would have chosen to do tax optimization The Devil is in detail. On July 14, Ivana Trump, the first wife of the former United States president, died of an accidental fall .

Thus, according to this unofficial survey, no less than 99 % of those present at this conference indicated to support Donald Trump, who will be 78 years old in 2024. Asked about the favorite name they would like to have their colors, 69 % Participants said they would like that of Donald Trump. In second position, we find with 24 % the name Ron Desantis, the governor of Florida.

And if Trump did not arise, the latter would be preferred to 65 %, still according to this survey. Donald Trump's son would come second with 8 %.

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Donald Trump soon candidate?

Although this survey has nothing official, and is not necessarily representative of the variety of the republican electorate, it confirms however the love of which Donald Trump benefits from republican activists and confirms that the former president remains The undisputed leader of the Republican camp. "He is more popular than ever", even said Jim McLaughlin, an organizer of this survey, when revealing the results, as CNN explains.

How pro-Trump treasurers punish companies that act for the

 How pro-Trump treasurers punish companies that act for the ecology of American treasurers close to the Republicans work in a coordinated manner to undermine the ecological transition of local businesses. © Dominick Reuter/AFP while Joe Biden tries to impose a deep ecological transition at the national level, American states treasurers were coordinated to undermine the decarbonation of companies. Sunday, the American Senate adopted the largest Investment Plan for the climate in the history of the United States.

Without formalizing anything, Donald Trump, always under an investigation concerning the assault on Capitol , has been playing for a few months with the idea of ​​representing himself. "I may have to do it a third time!" , he said for example, referring to these two previous applications, during a speech in Washington on July 27 . "We must also take over our beautiful White House in 2024", added on Saturday August 6, on the occasion of the conference in Dallas.

The elected Republican Liz Cheney, Donald Trump's bane, loses his primary in the Wyoming .
© Patrick T. Fallon, AFP Liz Cheney on August 16, 2022 in Jackson, in Wyoming. Liz Cheney, candidate for her re-election as a Wyoming representative, was eliminated on Tuesday evening from the Republican primary for the mid-November elections in November. The elected conservative, who refused to relay the myth of the stolen election of Donald Trump, pays the price of his independence in the face of the strong man of his party. stand up to Donald Trump will have cost him his post.

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