US News: Black Sea: Cereal traffic by Ukrainian ports takes up an -presque- Cruise rhythm

Moscow accuses kyiv of having bombed a Ukrainian prison camp

 Moscow accuses kyiv of having bombed a Ukrainian prison camp © Serhii Nuzhnenko/Reuters The Russian army accused kyiv of having bombed a Ukrainian prison camp, killing soldiers captured by Moscow (illustration image). The Russian army accuses Ukrainian forces of having bombed a Donbass prison. According to the Russians, around forty people are dead and there are more than 70 injured.

Port d'Odessa, sud de l'Ukraine, le 7 août 2022: ce vraquier battant pavillon des îles Marshall quitte le port avec 66 000 tonnes de maïs ukrainien dans ses cales. © AP - Nina Lyashonok Port of Odessa, southern Ukraine, August 7, 2022: this truly beating flag of the Marshall islands left The port with 66,000 tonnes of Ukrainian corn in its holds.

Cereal ships were able to leave Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea this Sunday morning. The latest cargoes are heading for China and different European countries. Traffic gradually resumes within the framework of the agreements concluded on July 22 Russia and Ukraine under the auspices of the UN and Turkey.

Cereal exports from Ukraine seem to take a regular rhythm with the new start of four Cargos this Sunday after that of three others on Friday. The ships left the Ukrainian ports of Chernomorsk and Odessa with a total cargo of more than 161,000 tonnes of corn and food products. Their destination is China Italy and Turkey. Turkey where they will be inspected off Istanbul before crossing the Bosphorus Strait as the provide the agreements signed on July 22 between kyiv Moscow under the aegis of Turkey and the United Nations, allowing the export of cereals Ukrainian and Russian agricultural products despite Western sanctions.

War in Ukraine: "Please evacuate", Zelensky's call to the inhabitants of the Donetsk

 War in Ukraine: © Sergei Supinsky "At this stage of war, Terror is the main weapon of Russia "Said President Volodymyr Zelensky (archive) AFP/ Sergei Supinsky more time to waste. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged the population on Saturday evening to evacuate the Donetsk region in the east of the country, whose cities are the target of deadly bombing, to escape "Russian terror". "A government decision was made on the compulsory evacuation of the Donetsk region," said Ukrainian president.

out of the three cargo cargo on Friday, a fact currently route to Ireland after its inspection last night, the other two are still waiting for a green light to continue their journey.

Cargos who leave and others who come to charge

in the other direction, the Cargo MV Osprey will take the road to vacuum to go to charge in Chernomorsk, a satellite port of Odessa, after its inspection also on Sunday. And Saturday, Fulmar S, beating Barbadian pavilion, arrived in this same port. He was the first foreign trustee to dock in Ukraine since the start of the war on February 24.

The resumption of exports is a relief for global food and in particular for breeders. The blocking of immense quantities of cereals in the Ukrainian ports and speculation caused an outbreak of food prices in the poorest countries and fed the fear of famines.

War in Ukraine: General Zaloujny, head of the Ukrainian army, new icon of resistance

 War in Ukraine: General Zaloujny, head of the Ukrainian army, new icon of resistance that which the press calls the "iron general" has given confidence to a whole people in the fierce resistance of the army army Ukrainian © Yuliia OVSIANNIKOVA/SIPA The "Iron General" Zaloujny, a new Ukrainian icon Portrait - the one that the press nicknamed the "Iron General" has given confidence to a whole people in the fierce resistance of the army army Ukrainian even in Ukraine , no one knew him when he was appointed to the head of the Ukrainian army a year ago.

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"We are doing everything possible to guarantee that our ports can welcome and take care of more ships. We plan to arrive at the stadium of three to five boats per day within two weeks, "the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure told AFP. "We aim to reach a monthly transhipment volume of three million tonnes of agricultural products in the ports of the logistics hub of Odessa," he added, hoping that other Ukrainian ports will soon be unlocked , like those of Pivdennyi or Mikolaïv. In parallel, "we continue to increase transhipments in the ports of the Danube, who have been saving Ukrainian exporters since February," said the minister.

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Change of destination for Razoni

but the recipients of cereals and food products are not definitively determined. The first freighter to have left Ukraine last Monday, the Razoni -which transports 26,000 tonnes of corn -was to dock in Lebanon this Sunday but the Ukraine Embassy in Beirut said that the operation was delayed . The ship is currently parked north of the country's coasts and according to RFI information, it could go to Syria.

A fairly usual change of destination in the maritime transport of agricultural raw materials, explains Michel Portier, director of the Cabinet Agritel, joined by Altin Lazaj of the economy service. It is the law of supply and demand that regulates traffic too, the ship can change its destination "according to its interest", underlines the expert.

Drifting, the first Ukrainian cereal cargo is struggling to find .
© buyers provided by Tribune a ship loads its cargo of cereals in the port of Odessa. Was we more quickly delighted with the resumption of Ukrainian cereal exports? If the tripartite agreement signed by the Russians, the Ukrainians and the Turks under the aegis of the UN on July 22 suggested hope for the Ukrainians to sell part of the ten billion euros in cereals that still stagnate On the territory they control, it is not for the moment.

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