US News: Mali: at least 17 soldiers and 4 civilians killed in a jihadist attack

Mali: Government prohibits overflowing of military transporters A400M

 Mali: Government prohibits overflowing of military transporters A400M The operating conditions in Mali are increasingly deteriorating. The participation of the Bundeswehr in the UN mission Minusma is becoming increasingly questionable. © Kay Nietfeld/DPA/Picture Alliance The overflight ban makes the further participation of the Bundeswehr in the UN mission.

The balance sheet could increase, with nine soldiers who have disappeared

Les environs de Tessit, au Mali (photo d'archives). © Michele Cattani / UNOCHA The surroundings of Tessit, in Mali (archive photo). Violence - The results could increase, with nine soldiers who have disappeared

New bloody attack in Mali. At least 17 soldiers and 4 civilians were killed on Sunday, 9 other soldiers are missing, after an attack attributed to jihadists in the city of Tessit located in the so -called three borders between Mali, Burkina and Niger. The assessment is "always provisional and likely to evolve", according to a statement from the Malian army released on Monday, which says it has killed seven enemies "probably from the Islamic State to the Grand Sahara and benefiting from drones and artillery support with a use of explosives and trapped vehicle ”.

Ivorian soldiers detained in Bamako: the Minister of Defense received families

 Ivorian soldiers detained in Bamako: the Minister of Defense received families © AFP - ISSOUF Sanogo Téné Birahima Ouattara, Minister of Defense of Côte d'Ivoire Support for the families of the military has also been announced. With our correspondent in Abidjan, Youenn Gourlay Téné Birahima Ouattara, the Ivorian Minister of Defense, gathered this Wednesday in Abidjan the families of the 49 Ivorian soldiers detained in Mali for more than three weeks.

The Malian staff also reports 22 injured in the army, major material losses including three destroyed vehicles and damage to other vehicles, FAMA facilities and civilians. Some civilians killed are local elected officials, have brought to AFP relatives of the victims on condition of anonymity. On the "enemy" side, in addition to the seven killed, the army evokes "an unknown number of deaths and wounded carried away by the attackers". A previous army report gave 4 soldiers and 2 civilians killed, as well as 5 dead "enemy side".

Strategic zone

The Tessit sector, located on the Malian side of the three borders zone, in a huge brush rural region not controlled by the State, is frequently the scene of clashes and attacks.

Video: Mali - The armed forces evoke a "terrorist attack" (France 24)

Mali: at least 12 killed after an attack on the corpses trapped

 Mali: at least 12 killed after an attack on the corpses trapped at least twelve civilians died in central Mali after the explosion of hidden bombs in the bodies of civilians killed that their loved ones had come to seek, said a elected and the police, accusing the jihadists. Friday, "the jihadists first killed two civilians in Ouakan" near Bankass, in central Mali, "before trapping their bodies", explained to AFP an elected representative of a neighboring locality, under cover anonymity.

The armed groups affiliated with Al -Qaeda, gathered under the leadership of the support group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM, Jnim in Arabic), fight the Islamic State group there in the Grand Sahara (EIGS), affiliated with the EI organization. The jihadists seek control of this strategic and gold area.

The Malian army, installed in a military camp alongside the locality of Tessit, has also often been taken to task in this region and in particular in Tessit. In this area sometimes called the "Malian gourma" also operate peacekeepers from the UN mission in Mali.

As for civilians, as elsewhere in Mali, they are taken between the fires of these actors in the conflict, and accused of being allied with one when they are not with the other. Residents of the area fled by thousands, especially to the large neighboring town of Gao, some 150 km north.

Departure from Barkhane

from French soldiers from Operation Barkhane also led operations there a few months ago. They are preparing to leave their last base in Mali, in Gao, to redeploy in Niger.

Sunday, the Barkhane force announced that it has neutralized a framework and several jihadist fighters, in the Telatai region, 200km northeast of Gao, after having identified them "thanks to the overlap of different sources of information".

In a very degraded security context, the junta has decided to separate from the old French ally present in Mali for nine years, and to ardently relaunch cooperation with Russia.

Mali requests an emergency meeting of the Security Council on French "Acts of Assignment" .
These last demonstrations of the deterioration of the relationships strictly coincide with the departure of the last French soldier in Mali after nine years of commitment against The jihadists. The power junta in Mali since the August 2020 putsch turned away from France and its allies to turn to the Russia . The French army, pushed towards the exit, left successively and transferred to the Malian authorities its various bases in Mali, the last Monday in Gao.

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