US News: Passenger Rights: Consumer advice center warns of watering

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The Federal Consumer Association has warned against watering passenger rights in the European Union. The background to the Czech Republic is to be treated in the Council of Europe this year. The current stalemate situation is advantageous for consumers, said VZBV speaker Gregor Kolbe of the German Press Agency.

Bei Flugausfällen und Verspätungen haben Passagiere häufig Anspruch auf eine Entschädigung. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa In flight cancellations and delays, passengers are often entitled to compensation.

had already proposed the EU Commission in 2013 to restrict the claim to compensation for flights within the EU since 2004 and to limit short international flights under 3500 kilometers. Instead of after three hours, the claims of the passengers should only be triggered after five hours. After a vote of the EU Parliament, the advance was in the sand because the individual states could not agree. However, the amendment to the corresponding passenger regulation has remained the aim of the airline associations.

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"In the case of implementation, compensation would be paid much less frequently," said Kolbe. "And there is no incentive for the airlines to offer a better service." The EU Commission, on the other hand, had argued that Airlines could feel encouraged to delete numerous flights in advance, which would not be in the sense of the passengers.

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Consumer advocates against new "reasoning"

The consumer advocates also turned against the introduction of a new fact that would free the companies from liability. The term “unexpected flight safety deficiencies” contained in the amendment is extremely blurred and is not verifiable for the passengers, said Kolbe. It can therefore be assumed that such a reason for "uneasiness" would "pull" from the airlines and lead to new processes.

In principle, it is of course also conceivable to better protect passenger rights with a novella, for example with higher compensation, further information obligations or shorter triggers, said Kolbe. The Federal Government has set itself up to improve protection. This will be measured by the traffic light coalition.

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