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Corona: German researchers find gene that protects from difficult courses

 Corona: German researchers find gene that protects from difficult courses The result in the specialist magazine Frontiers in Genetics . The variant is "GNB3 TT" that carry around 10 percent of the population in Europe. © provided by Berliner Zeitung “GNB3 is a gene that encrypted an important functional subunit of the so-called G proteins. The G proteins are involved in many processes in the body.

of the TUI travel group also has fewer bookings in the third year of Corona than before the pandemic, but despite the inflation concerns of the customers on the way back to the profit zone. The bookings with 11.5 million guests are currently 90 percent of the level from summer 2019, the company from Hanover announced on Wednesday. The holidaymakers booked more at short notice and gave out more money, it said, among other things, because they decided on longer trips and more expensive accommodations.

Der Logo des Reiseveranstalters TUI in der Potsdamer Innenstadt. © Soeren Stache/DPA central image/dpa The logo of the tour operator TUI in downtown Potsdam.

The outgoing CEO Fritz Joussen declared the Corona worries of the TUI saved by the state. Thanks to the higher travel prices, the summer quarter will be the highest sales in the company's history. "The crisis is ticked off," said Joussen, who surprisingly announced in June, to resign his office on September 30th. Not all problems have yet been solved - for example with a view to the debt. TUI has to come back to profitable growth. The crisis itself has been through, Joussen emphasized.

Corona incidence in Saarland sunk

 Corona incidence in Saarland sunk The incidence of the officially registered Corona infections in Saarland has dropped significantly within a week. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin showed 553.1 infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days on Thursday. A week ago it was 911.7. 908 cases were added within 24 hours (previous week: 1569). © Julian Stratenschulte/dpa/symbol image A biological-technical assistant prepares PCR tests for the analysis.

Very few customers do without vacation

, but inflation is already a new challenge at the door. However, the designated TUI boss and previous CFO Sebastian Ebel are not feared that the increased costs could cross the travel plans of the customers. Even if the available income of customers is smaller, very few completely waived their vacation. However, it is conceivable that fewer long -distance trips will be booked and closer goals would be asked more, such as Egypt instead of the Dominican Republic.

For the current financial year, Joussen and EBEL expect a “significant” operational profit before special effects (adjusted EBIT). In the coming financial year, a positive business result is also possible after taxes and interest. "I think we're on the right track," said Ebel.

Germany lies flat: three times as much sick as usual in summer - not only because of Corona

 Germany lies flat: three times as much sick as usual in summer - not only because of Corona can you still remember the time before Corona? We will help you to jump: Back then the cold was especially in winter. Then came all of our favorite virus. This also always had its highlights in the colder seasons. And now? Now we have summer. And yet half Germany is flat. And no, that's not just a subjective impression that we all have. This can be proven with numbers.

in the third business quarter 2022 (April-Juni) was not yet enough for a win. Although sales jumped up from 650 million to 4.4 billion euros compared to the Pandemiebelsteed last year, the adjusted operational quarterly result was 27 million in the minus (previous year: minus 670 million). The group management justified this primarily with flight cancellations and delays in Great Britain, which would have caused special costs of 75 million euros.

is to be used in particular to further reduce the debt sharply increased during the Corona crisis, explained Ebel. From the end of March to the end of June, TUI had already reduced the debt load by 600 million to 3.3 billion euros.

Meanwhile, a completely new travel experience does not expect the TUI customers under the new leadership. There will be no completely new strategy, said Ebel. However, many changes that have been postponed in recent years have not yet become fully visible. This now has to be further developed. As examples, Ebel cited the pure booking of hotels and the TUI Musement area, which includes a platform for providers of tours and activities.

COVID patients have slightly increased risk of neurological problems .
COVID-19 patients have a slightly increased risk for some psychiatric and neurological problems two years after the infection. This is reported by British researchers in the specialist journal The Lancet Psychiatry after evaluating the medical records of 1.28 million COVID -19 patients and of similar many people with a different respiratory disease.

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