US News: The castle of my dreams: shock announcement for Nadia and Mahdi, fiasco for Daphne on M6?

Stations and airports: these announcements that make us crazy

 Stations and airports: these announcements that make us crazy © Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP Do not walk on the tracks, do not get from a train on the march, without forgetting to hydrate: the ads rain and pollute Our departures on vacation. You are at the tail leu leu, waiting to pass the control filter at an airport and a synthetic and nasillarde voice asks you to respect physical distancing.

  Le château de mes rêves : annonce choc pour Nadia et Mahdi, fiasco pour Daphné sur M6 ? © supplied by all TV

after several days of absence, Nadia and Mahdi were back in The castle of my dreams on M6 this Tuesday, August 9, 2022 from 5.30 p.m. The young woman suffered a severe failure , calling into question her project to acquire a large home. The couple are therefore preparing to live an immersion of a night in a castle. They go to Delphine and Frédéric . They are literally bewitched by the place. Nina keeps her revenge.

The subject of the budget will tip everything for the couple soon. This shock announcement will change everything. In Ardèche, at Silvère and Franck a major surprise is preparing. Indeed, the latter pretended to be an appointment at the garage to surprise his spouse. They will celebrate their six years of marriage. He bought him a massive statue.

Prince Harry: Furious, Meghan Markle's husband enters war against the British government

 Prince Harry: Furious, Meghan Markle's husband enters war against the British government The youngest son of Princess Diana, who fears for her security and that of her family, no longer dares to return to England! © Abaca Prince Harry: Furious, Meghan Markle's husband went to war with the British government it's been two years ago that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, now 37 years old, and his wife, Meghan Markle , decided to get rid of the shackles, too suffocating in their eyes, of the castle life of the Windsor with its more rigid obligations and protocol than a starch shirt.

Daphne in full chaos, a wedding in danger?

at Céline and Vincent , alarm clock is difficult for young boys. Their sons Eliott and Lucas are not in the mood to help their parents in the work. The last room of the castle is finally over and the couple is relieved. The couple take advantage of it for romantic evening.

In the next issue, the capricious weather will undermine the wedding organized at Daphné. Torrential rains will fall during the party questioning the entire organization.

Audiences still increasing for the castle of my dreams on M6

The program attracted an average of 607,000 viewers on average, or 7.5% audience share with the whole of the public aged 4 years and more . Over a week, the show wins 0.9 market points.

With the commercial target, The castle of my dreams displays 16.6% audience share. M6 earns 5 points from women responsible for purchases under 50 over a week.

Madeleine of Sweden: Back in the USA - so her Swedish summer was .
Oh, at home it is always the most beautiful - and Madeleine from Sweden (40) can only agree. Since she settled in the States with husband Chris O'Neill (48), visits to the West have become something special. Shortly after the wedding with the British-American investment banker 2012, was drawn to Florida, where the 40-year-old works for the "World Childhood Foundation". Since the Corona pandemic and the associated travel restrictions, home visits have been anything but a matter of course.

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