US News: Global warming: "Our planet is becoming quickly uninhabitable," warns Greenpeace France

July 2022 becomes the second driest month ever recorded

 July 2022 becomes the second driest month ever recorded The month that has just passed is "second rank of the driest months every month combined" in France since the start of the measures, in 1958, according to Météo- France. It is also the most dry July ever recorded. © supplied by Le Monde Champ de corn in Saint-Bonnet-de-Mure, near Lyon, July 16, 2015. July 2022 is "second in the driest months every month combined" in France from the start Measures in 1958-1959, with a cumulation of aggregated precipitation of 9.7 millimeters, indicates Monday, A

"we have a government which is completely in the wrong ecological transition because it is at the service of the richest class and Multinationals ", denounces Clément Sénéchal, climate spokesperson for Greenpeace France.

  Réchauffement climatique : © supplied by Franceinfo

"Our planet is quickly becoming uninhabitable. We are in the process of returning to a hostile reality to the human hope," explained on Wednesday August 10 on Franceinfo Clément Sénéchal, climate spokesperson from Greenpeace France. Since the beginning of the summer, France has faced many fires on its territory.

Franceinfo: What do you think of what is happening in France, especially drought?

from Nantes to St-Vincent-sur -oust, the festival floating La Rive aux Barges in 19 stages on the

 from Nantes to St-Vincent-sur -oust, the festival floating La Rive aux Barges in 19 stages on the © Laure Bourru channel a music group on "La Confluence", the Scen boat of the La Rive Aux Rive aux Rive aux Rive Barges. from July 8 to 30, from Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) to Saint-Vincent-sur -oust (Morbihan) via Nort-sur-Erdre, Blain and Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine), the itinerant festival La Rive At the Barges will sail on part of the Nantes in Brest canal for a fourth and (perhaps) ultimate edition.

Clément Sénéchal: Our planet is becoming quickly uninhabitable. We are changing people and getting into a reality that is fundamentally hostile to human hopes. Nothing pleasant but nothing abnormal either.

"It has been 40 years since international climate negotiations have started and we have never expressed so much greenhouse gases in the atmosphere as in the last decade."

Clément Sénéchal, Greenpeace France

climate spokesperson in Francenfo

We know very well that the result is an intensification of hostile phenomena such as heat waves, droughts, fires.

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We do not resume the 2015 Paris Agreement?

The French state was sentenced twice for climate inaction. Greenhouse gas emissions have been completely anecdotally reduced since the signing of the Paris Agreement, often because of the increasingly soft winters which dropped pressure on energy demand rather than by committed climatic policies.

Australia: Historical Climate Act launched

 Australia: Historical Climate Act launched The House of Representatives in Australia has given a climate law for the first time in the history of the state. With 89 against 55 votes, the bill was accepted in the capital Canberra after several changes. © Mick Tsikas/AAP/dpa Chris Bowen, Minister of Climate of Australia, speaks during the question time in the House of Representatives in the parliament building. The House of Representatives passed a climate law for the first time.

"During the extraordinary parliamentary session, what did the government do? He refused to tax superprofits like those of Total. Instead we continue to subsidize the consumption of fossil fuels including for the most favored households, which n 'Do not need this discount. "

Clément Sénéchal

in Franceinfo

unlike countries like the United Kingdom and Spain which have committed to tax the superprofits of petroleum groups. Other states such as Canada have decided to surcharge luxury goods such as private jets, yachts, sports cars. This is the direction to take. The favored classes have a general environmental footprint which is completely disproportionate to the rest of the population.

Is there a thirst for the most modest justice?

There is a problem of social justice. The urgency is to change the economic system, to abandon the completely fanatic paradigm of growth, to reposition human activities within the framework of planetary limits. There are already six out of nine limits that have been crossed, starting with climate change and biodiversity erosion. You have to organize sobriety so that it is fair. You have to share the effort starting with those who have the highest carbon footprint, that is to say the richest. In France, the richest 1%, due to their lifestyle, have a carbon footprint 13 times higher than the poorest 50%.

What do you expect from the government?

Not much. The government has done absolutely nothing when we are in full climate emergency. We see this this summer with catastrophic events that are multiplying. In the law of purchasing power, coal has been relaunched and given Total a new methanier terminal which will be built off Le Havre and which will generate new greenhouse gases. So we have a government which is completely against the ecological transition because it is at the service of the richest and multinational class.

suspected broken nose: worries in the Darmstadt-Sturm .
Phillip Tietz recently scored two goals for SV Darmstadt 98 against Rostock and also scored 2-2 against Hamburger SV a year ago. However, it is questionable whether he can appear in the top game against HSV on Friday. And another attacker is also worried. © IMAGO/HMB-Media Darmstadt striker Phillip Tietz threatens to fail. Tietz and Vilhelmsson against HSV questionable Before the game at Hamburger SV, the injury worries at SV Darmstadt 98. Phillip Tietz was injured in training on Wednesday.

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