US News: Mali: 42 soldiers killed in a jihadist attack

Mali: Government prohibits overflowing of military transporters A400M

 Mali: Government prohibits overflowing of military transporters A400M The operating conditions in Mali are increasingly deteriorating. The participation of the Bundeswehr in the UN mission Minusma is becoming increasingly questionable. © Kay Nietfeld/DPA/Picture Alliance The overflight ban makes the further participation of the Bundeswehr in the UN mission.

  Mali : 42 soldats tués dans une attaque jihadiste © Salimata / Maxpppp / Panapress / Maxppp

U N National Mourning of three days was announced by the Malian government this Wednesday, August 10, after having confirmed the death on Sunday of 42 soldiers Malians during an attack attributed to jihadists in the northeast of the country, near the borders of Burkina Faso and Niger, an assault during which the army "neutralized 37 terrorists".

The Malian army "reacted vigorously to a complex and coordinated attack" in Tessit during which she had "42 dead and 22 wounded" in her ranks, also statement of "37 neutralized terrorists" and several of their "abandoned" equipment during "several hours of combat", according to this new assessment published by the government in a statement.

Ivorian soldiers detained in Bamako: the Minister of Defense received families

 Ivorian soldiers detained in Bamako: the Minister of Defense received families © AFP - ISSOUF Sanogo Téné Birahima Ouattara, Minister of Defense of Côte d'Ivoire Support for the families of the military has also been announced. With our correspondent in Abidjan, Youenn Gourlay Téné Birahima Ouattara, the Ivorian Minister of Defense, gathered this Wednesday in Abidjan the families of the 49 Ivorian soldiers detained in Mali for more than three weeks.

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The government announced a three -day national mourning "in tribute to the civil and military victims during the terrorist attack perpetrated in Tessit", in a separate statement. The Tessit sector, located on the Malian side of the three borders zone, in a huge rural region not controlled by the State, is frequently the scene of confrontations and attacks.

The locality and its military camp have already been attacked in the past. In March 2021, 33 soldiers had been killed in an ambush stretched by fighters from the Islamic State group in the Grand Sahara (EIGS) while they were doing a succession. Mali has been immersed in turmoil since 2012. The jihadist propagation, first confined to the north of the country, spread to the center and south of Mali, as well as to Burkina Faso and Niger Voisins.

Mali requests an emergency meeting of the Security Council on French "Acts of Assignment" .
These last demonstrations of the deterioration of the relationships strictly coincide with the departure of the last French soldier in Mali after nine years of commitment against The jihadists. The power junta in Mali since the August 2020 putsch turned away from France and its allies to turn to the Russia . The French army, pushed towards the exit, left successively and transferred to the Malian authorities its various bases in Mali, the last Monday in Gao.

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