US News: Process in NRW: Bundeswehr officer is said to have spied on Russia

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A reserve officer from the Bundeswehr is said to have provided the Russian secret service Gru for years. Since Thursday, the 65-year-old has had to answer to the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court for particularly serious secret service. He threatens up to ten years in prison.

Der angeklagte Bundeswehr-Reserveoffizier mit seinem Verteidiger im Düsseldorfer Gerichtssaal. © dpa The accused Bundeswehr reserve officer with his defender in the Düsseldorf courtroom. "The accused tried to make himself interesting"

, according to the prosecutor's indictment, the man from Erkrath near Düsseldorf revealed information about German reservists and civil-military cooperation in crisis situations. In addition, it was about the effects of the Russian sanctions imposed in 2014 and the now stopped Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2.

initially no traffic chaos at the end of the holiday in NRW

 initially no traffic chaos at the end of the holiday in NRW on the last weekend in North Rhine-Westphalia, the traffic jams in the most populous federal state initially kept themselves within limits despite the return travel. "It is more traffic than on a normal Sunday, but we are currently miles away from a traffic jam chaos in North Rhine-Westphalia," said Thomas Müther from ADAC NRW on Sunday afternoon. © Roberto Pfeil/dpa/Archive picture Passengers go through a terminal at the airport with luggage.

Spion Russland BuWe 2 © dpa Spion Russia Buwe 2

The documents and information came from public, but also from non -public sources. In any case, the Federal Prosecutor's Office suspects “Sympathy for the Russian Federation” - money payments could not be determined. "The accused tried to make himself interesting," said a representative of the authority on Thursday. He noticed because he was invited to official events of Russian bodies.

The defender of the Lieutenant Colonel announced an admission of his client to the allegations - but only at a later date. The 65-year-old had already submitted a partial confession in the investigation, said a court spokeswoman. (dpa)

NRW for property tax at the very front .
Düsseldorf. An average of 216 euros per capita was due last year, four euros more than in the previous year. The burden is only higher in the city -states of Bremen, Hamburg and Berlin. © Jens Büttner North Rhine-Westphalia's real estate owners continue to pay the highest property tax of all area countries across Germany.

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