US News: Bachelet alarmed by the number of Palestinian children killed

Civilians and fighters killed in Israeli strikes in Gaza

 Civilians and fighters killed in Israeli strikes in Gaza © Copyright 2022, Obs Israel continues its strikes in the Gaza Strip, this Friday, August 5, against the Islamic jihad organization, which she estimates to have killed Fifteen fighters, while a dozen civilians including a child also perished, according to the authorities of the Palestinian enclave.

  Bachelet alarmée par le nombre d'enfants palestiniens tués © AFP

L A High Commissioner of the UN Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said Thursday alarmed by the number of Palestinian children killed in the latter days and asked that managers will make accounts.

During the last week, 19 Palestinian children have been killed, bringing the number of deaths to 37 since the start of the year, according to the High Commissioner.

Seventeen children were killed during hostilities in Gaza from August 5 to 7, and two others were killed on August 9 during order to maintain Israel in the West Bank.

The last victim is a ten-year-old child, Liyan al-Shaer, who died Thursday in a hospital in Jerusalem following the head injuries.

Near East: What is the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, struck by the Israeli army?

 Near East: What is the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, struck by the Israeli army? © Wana News Agency / Reuters The secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, Ziyad Nakhaleh, during a meeting with the Iranian president on August 5. targeted by Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip since Friday, the Islamic jihad, founded in 1981, is a Palestinian organization engaged in the armed struggle against Israel.

"The high number of children killed or injured this year is unacceptable," Bachelet said in a statement.

On August 5, the Israeli army launched in the Gaza band an operation presented as "preventive" against Islamic jihad during which its main military leaders in Gaza were killed, as well as several combatants from the group.

"The civil cost of the last climbing in Gaza, from August 5 to 7, was heavy", according to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Ms. Bachelet's services were able to verify that among the 48 Palestinians killed, there were at least 22 civilians, including 17 children and 4 women.

of the 360 ​​Palestinians declared injured, almost two thirds were civilians, including 151 children, 58 women and 19 elderly people.

The human assessment increases to Gaza

 The human assessment increases to Gaza more than twenty people, including 6 children have been killed since the start of violence in Gaza between the Israeli army and the Islamic Jihad group announces the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian enclave. A denial was made by the Israeli authorities who claim that several children were killed by a failed rocket shooting of the Islamist group in Jabalia.

The Israeli army maintains that Palestinians, including children, were killed by rockets drawn by Islamic jihad towards Israel but mistakenly fallen into the Palestinian enclave.

According to the High Commissioner, a certain number of Israeli strikes affected goods which were visibly civil.

"Such attacks must stop," said Ms. Bachelet.

She also accused the Palestinian armed groups of having launched hundreds of rockets during blind attacks, causing civilian victims and damaging civil goods in Israel and Gaza.

The High Commissioner asked that rapid, independent, impartial, in-depth and transparent investigations be carried out on all incidents where people were killed or injured.

"An almost total absence of responsibility persists (...) whether violations of international humanitarian law committed by all parties to hostilities in Gaza, or recurring Israeli violations of international human rights law And the law of the occupation in the West Bank, including in East Jerusalem, "said Ms. Bachelet.

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