US News: Madagascar: Civil society draws up its list of recommendations to transform education

murders of villagers in Madagascar: suspects shot down by the gendarmes

 murders of villagers in Madagascar: suspects shot down by the gendarmes © AFP - Rijasolo The Malagasy gendarmerie challenged five suspects as part of the investigation into the murder of villagers, south of Antananarivo (photo of illustration ). in Madagascar, investigations continue to find the authors of a massacre perpetrated last Friday in a hamlet 80 kilometers from the capital. Bandits burned alive 32 people, barricaded in their house, including fifteen children. The gendarmerie launched wanted notices against the alleged authors, still on the run.

Les organisations de la société civile engagées dans le secteur de l'éducation et membres de l'Alliance Stratégique de l'Education ont fait part de leurs recommandations pour améliorer le système éducatif à Madagascar, le 11 août dans la capitale. © Laetitia Bezain/RFI Civil society organizations engaged in the education sector and members of the Strategic Alliance of Education have Let's share their recommendations to improve the education system in Madagascar on August 11 in the capital.

The organizations engaged in this sector have drawn up their recommendations to compensate for the delay of the Grande Ile in this area. After a national forum organized in early August and with the summit on the transformation of education online which is to be held next month in New York, civil society has expressed changes to the Malagasy state, when of a press conference, Thursday, August 11, in the capital.

Hessen's officials get more money

 Hessen's officials get more money The Hessian state officials, judges and retirees get more money. Prime Minister Boris Rhein and Interior Minister Peter Beuth (both CDU) announced on Friday in Wiesbaden that there should be three percent more on April 1, 2023 and January 1, 2024 - in addition to the agreed tariff and salary increase. In addition, the children's surcharges should increase significantly. Overall, the regulation applies to more than 180,000 civil servants.

With our correspondent in Madagascar, Laetitia Bezain

While the school results of the students of the Grande Ile have deteriorated in the last ten years, one of the challenges is to improve the quality of the teaching and distribute the teachers fairly Qualified according to the needs of the regions explains Randriamanananjara Fara, secretary general of the national education for all:

"In most cases, trained teachers no longer remain in their recruitment place so the problems always persist and it becomes A vicious circle then local communities are forced to fill the lack in terms of staff. FRAM masters are locally recruited teachers. There is no minimum level but we recruit those available.

80% of these non -civil servants, called FRAM, recruited at community level, do not have an adequate diploma, according to figures from the World Bank.

Faced with the rise of radicalism, Donald Trump suggests "to abolish" the American Ministry of Education

 Faced with the rise of radicalism, Donald Trump suggests © Reuters/Go Nakamura Donald Trump took the floor on Saturday at the Dallas conservative political action conference to denounce The current educational policy, arguing that the school system pushes children to radicalization by teaching "inappropriate" things. During his speech on Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, Donald Trump called for the abolition of the United States Ministry of Education, reports The Independent .

"The situation of education in Madagascar is catastrophic and everyone recognizes it, notes Lily Razafimbelo, teacher in documentary information sciences at the University of Antananarivo and member of the collective of citizens and citizen organizations. This concerns both concerning the level of students in basic subjects and inequalities between cities and countryside and it is a huge issue that these inequalities are striped. We have insisted a lot so that the FRAMs will benefit from continuous training so that they can acquire the skills necessary to be able to teach. We have also recommended to restore training centers in the regions and give them the necessary means to be able to train future teachers.

In its five axes of recommendations, civil society also pleads for an increase in the budget allocated to education up to 20% of the general state budget, against 15% currently.

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