US News: Julian Alaphilippe: Happy to find her son, Marion Rousse's companion offers him a nice gift

The Lion King (Disney+): Where is the continuation of the film?

 The Lion King (Disney+): Where is the continuation of the film? © Disney The Lion King (Disney+): Where is the continuation of the film? Disney is currently preparing a prequel to the film The Lion King, focused on the youth of Scar and Mufasa. Where is production? In 2019, Disney unveiled a live-action remake of one of its great classics: Lion King . The film made a box at the box office, bringing together more than 10 million French spectators in the cinema, to the point of becoming the biggest success of the studios.

The time of the reunion has arrived for Julian Alaphilippe and Marion Rousse. The most glamorous couple of cycling celebrated this family meeting with their son Nino, who saw his dad offer him an adorable gift, immortalized by the French Télévisions consultant on Instagram.

One tries to get rid of the sticks that life places him in the wheels, the other rolls to all Berzingue on the highway of happiness. As a couple in life, Julian Alaphilippe and Marion Rousse experience well contrasting seasons on a professional level. The darling of the Public had to ignore the Tour de France , losing its time trial to regain the shape after an ugly fall in the spring. He therefore did not have the opportunity to cross his partner on the roads of the Grande Boucle, she who commented on the race for France Télévisions, and who also moved from the absence of his champion .

fascinatingly hidden in the desert-you should see these attractions

 fascinatingly hidden in the desert-you should see these attractions Dubai/Cologne-there were big vertebrae for the separation of the German YouTube couple Bibi (29) and Julian Claßen (29). In the meantime, at least Julian is officially back in firm hands and lets his fans participate in intimate moments. © provided by Tag24 Intigency in the pool: Julian Claßen (29) and girlfriend Tanja Makarić (25) have a good time in Dubai. The Separation hit the fans like a bomb.

Barely Jonas Vingegaard assured of triumphing over the Champs-Elysées, The beautiful blonde put on her second cap, that of director of the Tour de France female. An edition that won all the votes of the observers and at the end of which the Nino mother returned to her penates with the feeling of accomplished duty.

A beautiful plush lion for Nino

impatient to find the two men of her life , she shared this long -awaited moment, in several Instagram stories, published this Thursday, August 11. A first part in the restaurant accompanied by his son and immortalized with an adorable shot of his "date, while waiting for Dad who returns this evening". The latter did not return to empty hand since he brought back from his last race a plush lion, dearly won and he offered his offspring , happy like everything in a second photo. On the third, Nino seems to take a taste for the awards of his dad and hopes to fill his room with it. That's good, the Tour of Spain is looming and Julian Alaphilippe does not go there to sort the paella rice grains.

Marion Rousse and Julian Alaphilippe, adorable photos with Nino, their "love nugget"

 Marion Rousse and Julian Alaphilippe, adorable photos with Nino, their both in mini tracksuits as in a swimsuit, the little nino does not fail to soften his famous parents. © Instagram/Rousse_marion To 1 year, Nino is happy with his parents. Saturday, August 6, Marion Rousse seized her Instagram account to share new photos of her son. A little boy she shares with the cyclist Julian Alaphilippe , her companion for two years now. Sometimes in mom's arms, sometimes in full reading session with dad, the young Nino appears grows on this new series of summer photos.

  Julian Alaphilippe : heureux de retrouver son fils, le compagnon de Marion Rousse lui offre un joli cadeau © provided by here Instagram to read also Marion Rousse au Natural: The young mother poses with her adorable little boy - here is

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Speer launcher Julian Weber, the medals of German athletes are particularly at the European Athletics European Championship in Munich. "The team and the previous achievements push you," said the 27-year-old Mainz. © Michael Kappeler/dpa Julian Weber can be motivated by other athletes. this Friday is the pre -fight, the final on Sunday. In addition to him, Andreas Hofmann (Mannheim) and defending champion Thomas Röhler (Jena) start.

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