US News: opinion: stay outside! During war times no more tourist visa for Russians

"Everyone knows that Russia is responsible": Ukrainian Amnesty Office criticizes report by the umbrella organization

 A report by Amnesty International on the Russian attack war is discussed. The Ukrainian office of the NGO also distances itself. © Photo: Imago/Nurphoto in the region around Butscha shows the devastation through the war in Ukraine (symbol image). Amnesty International accuses the Ukrainian army of violations of international law in the fight against Russia. The soldiers "operated repeatedly out of residential areas," says a report published on Friday.

The EU countries also do what they can do best on this question: act inconsistently. A clear line is needed, even if it may have some exceptions, says Miodrag Soric.

Gäste aus Russland waren bisher gern gesehene Gäste in den Einkaufsmeilen und Boutiquen Westeuropas © Matej Kastelic/Panther Media/Picture Alliance Guests from Russia were so far welcome guests in the shopping miles and boutiques Western Europe

The discussion is just taking a journey: may Russian citizens be allowed to go on vacation as tourists in Spain or France , while Moscow's army murdered thousands of women and children in Ukraine? Under no circumstances, more and more people in the EU.

In fact, the Schengen countries should refuse all Russians until further tourist visa. At least holds parts of Ukraine for as long as . So far, millions of Russians have supported this war or pretend that they had nothing to do with the weapons. It is important to them to make it clear that they are undesirable in Europe until further notice. For many Moscow liters, it may be normal to enjoy life in cafes and restaurants while their compatriots bathe their hands in blood. This is not normal in the civilized world.

"We are a people who laugh during the war": the Ukrainians invent words to play down

 , a whole humorous lexicon has developed around the war in Ukraine. Words notably like "Macronize" or "Johnsonyuk". © provided by Franceinfo for more than five months, Ukrainians have lived in a permanent state of emergency, under the threat of unpredictable Russian bombing which can affect anyone. In order not to give up despite the dead and around 20% of the territory occupied by the enemy, they began to invent words and expressions often very funny to ward off the fate and continue to live.

injustices accept

secure: to refuse all Russians tourist visa for the Schengen area is at least in some cases unjust. Because it also affects innocent people: people who do not support Russia's war but do not have the courage to protest against it. But such "collateral damage" is difficult to prevent.

DW-Chefkorrespondent Miodrag Soric © Provided by Deutsche Welle DW chief correspondent Miodrag Soric

also not the fact that some Russians will then seek closeness to the Kremlin. Shall they. The bathing vacation on the Cote d'Azur or the shopping weekend on the Champs Élysées should no longer exist. What remains will be a feeling of discomfort, the "Auf-der-anllagank sitzen". That is exactly what is wanted. Because in times of war, Russians can no longer be treated like a normal people, as well as the Germans between 1939 and 1945 and the first years afterwards.

"A real danger for civilians": in Ukraine, the delicate soil demining operation

 on Tuesday, the United States announced to unlock an envelope of $ 89 billion to help the demining of Ukraine. According to kyiv, half of the country is contaminated by explosive devices. © Dilkoff members of a demining team examine an explosive device on the roof of a building in Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine. There are everywhere. In the ground, of course, but also in food storage places, in cars, in hospitals' rooms, and even under the corpses of Victims of War .

for an end to the tourist visa for Russians also speak security aspects. So the Russian Vadim Krasikov traveled to Berlin with such a visa in order to shoot an asylum seeker from Georgia in cold blood - presumably on behalf of the FSB. makes Russia, as German foreign politicians stated, a "terrorist". And it is important to protect Europe from.

uniform rules of all Schengen states

Nevertheless, selected people from Russia should continue to be given the opportunity to enter European soil. Because Germany and Europe have a demographic problem. Countless companies have been looking for specialists for years. In recent years, millions of Russians, especially young and educated people, have been relocated. This has to be promoted further. Russian students or scientists who want to continue their training or work in the West should also be allowed to continue; Just like Russian opposition figures. In a limited frame, visits to relatives must continue to be possible.

Discussion about entry limitation for Russians

 Discussion about entry limitation for Russians Estonia intensifies the visa regulations for people from Russia against the background of the Russian War against Ukraine and limits their entry. The government in Tallinn decided that Russian citizens from August 18 are no longer allowed to enter with a Schengen visa issued by Estonia. At the same time, some exceptions are planned. © Picture Alliance / dpa A Russian shows her passport.

is only important that the governments of all Schengen countries agree on uniform rules; Also to cancel these sanctions again when there is a permanent peace in Ukraine. A majority of Germans have been supporting heavy weapons to Ukraine for months. A minority, on the other hand, is - mostly with the reference to Germany's history. In particular, they would welcoming the Russians no longer give tourist visa. Because this form of sanctions quickly has an effect, but does not require human life.

A stop for tourist visa could not ignore even Russia's same media. At first they would certainly comment maliciously. Perhaps ask the question whether other western states should not follow this example. At some point they would start calling the Russians advantages, staying at home. Just like back then, in the USSR. And that Moscow's cafés and restaurants would get an additional shine in this way.

Author: Miodrag Soric

Volodymyr Zelensky warns against the increased risk of "cruel" Russian provocations .
© Copyright 2022, Obs Russia could "do something particularly disgusting" and "cruel" next week in Ukraine, when the latter will celebrate his independence day, warned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday August 20. "Russia could strive to do something particularly disgusting, particularly cruel," said Volodymyr Zelensky in its traditional address.

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