US News: The man of the future: Julian Rerson is on the way to becoming an iron legend at 1. FC Union

pilots have hope for more salary

 pilots have hope for more salary Frankfurt. The Lufthansa and Verdi have agreed: the soil staff gets significantly more wages. The union of the pilots sees this as a positive signal. Because she is currently negotiating with the airline. © Boris Roessler A Boeing 747 passenger machine The Lufthansa starts at Frankfurt Airport. The negotiations were tough and lasted for a long time, but the result was certain late Thursday evening: the soil staff of Lufthansa can look forward to a salary increase in three steps.

We had already predicted in preparation - the season 2022/23 will belong. Union experiences the metamorphosis of a former supplementary player to an indispensable regular.

  Der Mann der Zukunft: Julian Ryerson ist auf dem Weg, beim 1. FC Union eine eiserne Legende zu werden © provided by Berliner Kurier

OB Links, as in the previous week in the 3-1 against Hertha , whether on the right as in the 0-0 in Mainz ( Kurier grade 3 )-the Norwegian international almost always does his job rock solid .

a year ago, in the training camp in the Austrian Längenfeld, Ryerson was confronted by the courier with the question of whether he would not have to change long ago. For example, for a top club in the 2nd league in order to be able to play a role permanently. A question that he totally denied. Because he saw continuous development. Because he got more minutes from year to year. Even though one of the inviolable played in his favorite position at the back right with Christopher Trimmel.

Friborg entrance card, Mönchengladbach and the Berlin union also

 Friborg entrance card, Mönchengladbach and the Berlin union also © supplied by Sofoot The Dauphin of Bayern is called Friborg. before the shock of this first day of Bundesliga who later opposed this Saturday the Borussia Dortmund to Bayer Leverkusen, Friborg took the opportunity to stick to the Basques du Bayern. On the lawn of Augsburg, the sixth of the last edition signed a recital (4-0) which allows it to temporarily settle on the second step of the podium.

The last twelve months Rerson was right. 28 first division missions were noted. 13 times of it in the starting eleven. There were also seven kicks in the Conference League and in the DFB Cup. I stipulate myself: This season it will be more. At least more starting games.

I have more in me, Rerson had recently confidently announced. Indicated what he can be capable of in the long run, for example, he has a little more than three years ago in the relegation secondary against VfB Stuttgart. Then he represented the trimmer pausing with a yellow lock so well that he did not forget it, but nobody had missed the Austrian in the kick.

Ryerson's big plus is its versatility. He can easily stick both outer lanes in defense. He was already standing his husband as a central defender. In Norway's U21 he acts on the eight, partly on the six on the A-Elf as well as at Union. Seen in this way, he is also one of the indispensable. And with the process of 24 Lenzen at a very developing age!

also because its error rate is extremely low. Nobody has to have concerns if they enter the space. If he is still adding to his flanks, since the Iron Capitano emits, Union will enjoy him in the coming years. Trimmel is an iron legend. Ryerson on the way to step in his footsteps too.

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