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United Kingdom: Justice refuses the transfer of the child to cerebral death

 United Kingdom: Justice refuses the transfer of the child to cerebral death © Jonathan Brady / Maxppp / Press Association Images / Maxppp L ES Parents of a young boy of 12 years old, in a state of brain death Palliative care house, continue their fight in order to continue the care that keep their son alive, in vain. This Friday, British justice refused to transfer the child. Archie Battersbee has been maintained in a coma in a London hospital since April .

Sports collectifs : pourquoi font-ils du bien à notre cerveau ? © Adobe Stock Public Sports: Why are they doing good to our brain?

Back to school is approaching and the latter signs the great return of sports and extra-curricular activities. And if there is always a hesitation in the sport to choose, it is important to take into account the fact that public sports can have a significant impact on the brain, especially in children and adolescents.

It is no longer a secret for anyone, sport is good for mental health. Indeed, in addition to doing good to our body, it has important effects on the brain . And for good reason, when you move, it causes a multiplication of neurons in the zone the hippocampus , that of emotions and memory which then allows a better connection between them. The Sport also acts in the brain cells responsible for providing nutrients with nerve cells. Consequently, the more the blood influx is increased, the more the neurons will be oxygenated as pointed out by Florence Solari, research manager at Inserm, the National Institute of Health and Medical Research: "Better irrigated, Small vessels also increase the vascularization of neurons, bringing them the blood and oxygen necessary to detox them ". She then added: "Swimming, running or walking like any physical activity would have a ' detox' effect by helping the brain to clean up the accumulated toxins".

Keen'v: why Illan Castrono des their complaint against singer

 Keen'v: why Illan Castrono des their complaint against singer provided by Starmag Keenv-Pouquoi-lall-Castrono-Souhaite-Plantine-Contre-le-singer Illan Castronoo found New enemy in the person of Keen'v . Indeed, the famous candidate of reality TV indicated, on the social networks , that he was going to file a complaint against the singer. In question, a shared video on Tik Tok .

A consequence not to neglect

a sporting activity, yes, but which one to choose? They are very numerous and the choice can be Cornelian , especially for children and adolescents . And to do this, it is important to take into account health aspects. Indeed, few people know it, but sport has a significant incidence on their Mental Health . A study by Matt Hoffmann in California State University demonstrated that the latter were better for the brain than individual sports. He met the data of 11,000 children aged 9 to 13. He noticed that sports like football, handball, but also the Rugby improved mental health and reduced anxious disorders: "We know, thanks to previous research, that individual sports can often involve high levels of Stress and pressure. When a person must compete independently, without the support of his teammates, this can lead to an increase in anxiety "writes the researcher. And what is astonishing in this study is that sports such as dance or gymnastics can even have effects : "They can also cause feelings of anxiety Physics. CI arises from the fear that others assess or judge the body and the physical appearance of a person ". This is what to help make a choice for the start of the school year.

Post Covid: Neurological problems as a late sequence? .
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