US News: China: In full heat wave, part of the country rations electricity for professionals

The third heat wave extends, a scorching peak expected at the weekend

 The third heat wave extends, a scorching peak expected at the weekend © Copyright 2022, L'Obs The heat wave which touches France will continue next week, accompanied by rainy thunderstorms in the Mountain massifs and in Corsica, with a scorching peak expected Friday in most of the country, said Météo France on Sunday August 7.

the province dependent at 80 % of hydraulic dams to produce its electricity, 19 cities in Sichuan have ordered factories and companies to suspend their activity

Un pylône électrique en Chine (illustration). © CFOTO/SIPA USA/SIPA An electric pylon in China (illustration). Restrictions - The province dependent at 80% of hydraulic dams to produce its electricity, 19 cities in Sichuan have ordered factories and businesses to suspend their

activity in Chine must tighten your energy belt. The country rations electricity for professionals in the southwest, due to the strong who shoot on demand, when hydroelectric installations are affected by the weakness of the watercourses.

leaded by the "tariff shield", EDF requires 8 billion euros to its shareholder, State

 leaded by the © provided by Tribune The group weakened financially, also heavily indebted, must implement an ambitious construction program New EPR nuclear reactors in France in parallel with the development of renewables. "EDF has made a contentious appeal to the Council of State today, and a compensation request, for an estimated amount of 8.34 billion euros, with the State", announced this Tuesday the producer of 'Electricity in a press release.

In Sichuan, temperatures regularly exceed 40 ° C in recent days, which leads to an almost systematic air conditioning appeal to refresh the 84 million inhabitants. To produce its

, the province depends 80 % of hydraulic dams. But the region's rivers are dried, according to the Chinese ministry for water resources.

Individuals are not affected

to save electricity, 19 cities in Sichuan have therefore ordered factories and companies to suspend their activity, according to an opinion published on Sunday and relayed by official media. In force until Saturday, the measure does not however concern individuals. Some companies can nevertheless operate with limited capacity for specific needs. In addition, in the east, the coastal provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu, as well as Anhui also imposed a rationing of electricity for professionals.

The Sichuan is a key region in China for the manufacture of lithium, a metal present in the electric batteries. A factory operated by the Taiwanese giant of electronics Foxconn, the main supplier of the American Apple

Energy Group RWE does not want to use gas surcharge

 Energy Group RWE does not want to use gas surcharge The energy group RWE does not want the planned gas surcharge for rescue system -relevant gas importers. «RWE is a financially strong and robust company. We therefore consider to do without further notice to assert our losses from the gas replacement procurement for this contribution, »said RWE CEO Markus Krebber on Thursday when the half-year figures in Essen. "We would then (...) wear them ourselves." © Bernd Thissen/dpa From the beginning of October, a levy should relieve gas importers who ha

, notably suspended its production. As a result of restrictions: lithium production should be reduced by at least 1,200 tonnes, which makes Lithium carbonate leak, underlines analyst Susan Zou, from the specialized firm Rystad Energy.

The climatic disruption pointed out

China again issued several red alerts on Monday due to scorching temperatures in several regions. Heat waves in the middle of summer are not unusual in China, especially in the western western and the south. But they seem to become stronger in recent years with climate change, according to scientists. Automobilebiden promulgates a law of support for American semiconductors Planetonu-Climate: Simon Stiell, former Minister of the Environment of Grenade, appointed at the head of the Convention X1

Gone behind the numbers #124-heating types: Where the gas hammer strikes the hardest .
© provided by Wirtschaftswoche Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = Many consumers suffer from the enormously increased gas prices. However, a look at the regions shows that the load affects very different many people depending on the location. If you heat with gas, it is not easy at the moment. Gas prices have risen sharply since the beginning of the year and are likely to do this even more in the coming winter. In addition, there will be the new gas surcharge of 2.4 cents per kilowatt hour, whic

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