US News: "Unter Uns": surprising comeback after 13 years!

Authorities: 17 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Sunday

 Authorities: 17 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Sunday in Israeli air strips in the Gaza Strip, according to the Ministry of Health there, 17 Palestinians were killed on Sunday. Among them are nine children, the Ministry led by the radical Islamic Hamas said in the evening. A total of 41 Palestinians have been killed since the beginning of the Israeli attacks on Friday and more than 300 others were injured. Among the fatalities are 15 children and four women.

that a figure returns in the RTL series GZSZ, AWZ and "among us" is not unusual. However, if there is over ten years between exit and the comeback, it is definitely a special feature - as in this case with "under us".

Beziehungs-Drama bei „Unter Uns“: Dieses Paar trennt sich © RTL relationship drama at "Unter Uns": This couple separates Yvonne de Bark as Dr. Pia Lassner Back

After 13 years, actress Yvonne de Bark becomes again as Dr. Pia Lassner can be seen in the series. Long-term UU fans know: The actress embodied the role from 2006 to 2009 and returned again for a short guest appearance in 2013.

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especially the turbulent relationship between Pia and Rolf will remember some spectators: inside. Now Pia Lassner is back and equips her children Tobias (Patrick Müller) and Marie (Maira Kellers).

This is how the comeback of Yvonne de Bark at "Under us" she has no idea that her daughter lets it crash in the Schillerallee and puts on her half -brother David Junker (Diego Carlos Seyfarth). And also Viviens (Sharon Sophie Berlinghoff) The first encounter with the mother -in -law is different than planned.

because Pia bursts into a dispute by Tobias and Vivien! In addition, she wants her daughter Marie to Africa again - but does she also want to leave the Schillerallee? Yvonne de Bark is in episode 6942 and 6943, 31.08. and 01.09.

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