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Greens reaffirm criticism of Lindner's tax plans

 Greens reaffirm criticism of Lindner's tax plans The Greens have confirmed their criticism of the proposal of Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) to compensate for cold progression. "Billions of tax reliefs, of which a lot of earnings, absolutely benefit three times as much as less earns-is not up to date," said the financial policy spokeswoman for the Greens parliamentary group, Katharina Beck, the newspapers of the editorial network in Germany (RND) Wednesday.

In future disasters, the population should be warned in good time, reliably and understandably - but according to politicians of the Greens, a lot has to happen. "Extensive funds are required to increase the resilience to bring the long neglected warning infrastructure to a sustainable stand," says a ten-point plan that the member of the Bundestag Leon Eckert and the chairwoman of the Bavarian Greens parliamentary group, Katharina Schulze, have developed .

Eine Alarmsirene steht auf einem Hausdach. © dpa An alarm siren stands on a house roof.

Some of the core demands of the plan to the German Press Agency are covered with already published plans by Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD). This includes, for example, the introduction of a nationwide “population protection day”. The Greens politicians, on the other hand, are dissatisfied with the confusion and the small-scale, which is in terms of warning signals. "The decision for uniform siren signals, which was made by the Interior Ministers' Conference in 2019, was a minimal consensus in an emergency and has not yet been fully implemented."

Energy Group RWE does not want to use gas surcharge

 Energy Group RWE does not want to use gas surcharge The energy group RWE does not want the planned gas surcharge for rescue system -relevant gas importers. «RWE is a financially strong and robust company. We therefore consider to do without further notice to assert our losses from the gas replacement procurement for this contribution, »said RWE CEO Markus Krebber on Thursday when the half-year figures in Essen. "We would then (...) wear them ourselves." © Bernd Thissen/dpa From the beginning of October, a levy should relieve gas importers who ha

weak point in electricity

You are demanding: In the medium term, the usual use of the sirens should be eliminated for the alarm of the fire brigade. The siren signals for warning, all -clear and tests as well as the date of tests should be standardized across Germany. "At the siren test in May 2022 in Bavaria, it was clearly noticed that investments in the siren infrastructure are needed," said Schulze.

Another weak point from Eckert and Schulze is that many sirens, but also other warning funds, are dependent on electricity. However, it can be due to a natural disaster or as a result of a hacker attack. Warning funds should therefore be designed in such a way that they are energy -efficient and remain functional even with low availability of electricity or in the event of a complete failure. "We also have to think of a blackout in Germany and strengthen the battery fraction with all relevant warning funds," said Eckert.

China: A heat wave raises fears of a lithium shortage

 China: A heat wave raises fears of a lithium shortage © Reuters. Workers of a Foxconn factory (illustration image). A heat wave is currently falling on China and rivers are particularly dry. In the southwest of the country, the authorities have announced a rationing of electricity. However, it is a crucial region for Chinese lithium production, this essential component for our cars and our smartphones. As a result, factories and businesses must stop their activity.

"Many municipalities have so far left"

The federal government of 88 million euros on upgrading the siren network as a minimum requirement that a siren must have a battery that ensures that they still have four warnings each after a power failure and can deduct the all clearings. Several countries have criticized that although the period for calling out the funding from this program, no new funds in the Federal Budget 2023 have been intended. "Many municipalities have so far been empty, but would like to install sirens", " said Eckert of the dpa. He suggested a half-cost division between the federal and state governments.

for disaster protection, according to the Basic Law, the federal states are responsible. The federal government is responsible for the protection of the population in the event of war or tension. Some experts do not consider this separation More contemporary.

Faring prices for buses and trains rise again

 Faring prices for buses and trains rise again after the 9-euro campaign in buses and trains, passengers not only have to pay for normal tariffs from September-sometimes price increases are also due. This was the result of a survey by the German Press Agency under major transport associations. Sometimes significant increases in tariffs have already been decided, elsewhere the corresponding committees are still pending. For example, in and around Stuttgart, the tariffs rise by an average of 4.9 percent at the turn of the year, and it will be

On December 8th there should be a nationwide warning day where The various warning channels are tested-for the first time, this includes the Cell Broadcast system, in which all mobile phone users who are in the area of ​​a radio cell at a certain period of time receive a message that looks like an SMS. In contrast to the warning apps Nina and Katwarn, people who do not use a smartphone are also achieved.

Also with a view to the problems in the warning of the population during the flood disaster in West Germany in the summer of 2021, Eckert said: “If the expansion of the warning infrastructure continues at this slow pace, we will experience a warning day full of defects and not all in a real disaster People can warn. ”

So that not only everyone is reached technically, warnings must also be considered in sign language and in an easy-to-understand language, the ten-point plan says. For people who do not speak German, multilingual warning messages have to be offered. A spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior said on request that the Cell Broadcast system is warned in German and English. The Warn app Nina provides all menu elements and important content of warning messages in seven additional languages, including Arabic, Russian and Turkish. (dpa)

War in Ukraine. Cut to the central of Zaporijjia, a fleshed Russian army… The point in the 183rd day .
© Reuters/Alexander Ermoshenko The Zaporijjia plant photographed on August 22, 2022. The nuclear power plant of Zaporijia is completely disconnected from the electricity network while Vladimir Poutine Signed a decree to increase the workforce of its armed forces. Here is the point on the situation on the 183rd day of the conflict. The Ukrainians deplored the attack on a Tchaplined station on Wednesday evening. This Thursday, kyiv reports at least 25 civilian people.

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