US News: Wikileaks: Julian Assange's lawyers file a complaint against the CIA for spying

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Un homme participe à une manifestation de soutien au fondateur de Wikileaks, Julian Assange, qui risque l'extradition vers les États-Unis, à Bruxelles, le 23 avril 2022. © John Thys A man participates in a demonstration of support for the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, who risks extradition to the United States, in Brussels , April 23, 2022.

hidden microphones, spiral video surveillance images and intercepted messages. On Monday, US lawyers from Julian Assange announced to file a complaint against the CIA as well as its former director Mike Pompeo. They accuse the intelligence agency of having spied on the founder of Wikileaks , as well as his advice and journalists. She would have worked in particular with a security company hired by the Equator Embassy in London, where Julian Assange then took refuge.

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The latter

indeed risks extradition from Great Britain to the United States , where he is accused of having published in 2010 Diplomatic Confidential Texts on Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. According to lawyer Robert Boyle, who represents the complainants, these supposed facts of espionage mean that Julian Assange's right to an equitable trial A "was tainted, if not reduced to nothing" because "The government now knows the content From these exchanges, ”he said to journalists. "There should be sanctions, up to the rejection of these charges or withdrawing the extradition request, in response to these activities so clearly unconstitutional" , judged Robert Boyle. Mike Pompeo "was aware"

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ex-State-secretary of State Mike Pompeo

, the security company Undercover Global and its President David Morals Guillen. In detail, the complainants claim that Aundercover Global, a company based in Spain, which was under contract with the Ecuadorian embassy, ​​has on behalf of the CIA collected information on the electronic apparatuses of the complainants, in particular exchanges with Julian Assange, and placed microphones in the building, whose recordings and remote monitoring images were also sent to the American agency.

Mike Pompeo

"was aware and approved"

this collection of information, according to this judicial document, which specifies that NunderCover Global was recruited by the CIA in 2017. Julian Assange appealed the British decision of Access the extradition request in the United States. The charges weighing against him could lead to a prison sentence up to 175 years.

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