US News: Researchers Calculate: Over -profit tax could bring in up to 100 billion euros

«Cum-Ex» process: Hanno Berger puts a partial confession from

 «Cum-Ex» process: Hanno Berger puts a partial confession from in the billion-dollar «cum-ex» tax scandal, the best-known advocate of the dubious share deals at the expense of the State Kasse, Hanno Berger, has filed a partial confession. The 71-year-old lawyer, accused of particularly severe tax evasion in three cases, admitted to the district court on Monday that he had acted with conditional intent from 2009. © Arne Dedert/dpa The tax lawyer Hanno Berger is a key figure in the “Cum-Ex” scandal.

A tax on crisis -related additional profits from companies could, according to a study, bring high sums for the German state. Depending on the design, "revenues of around 30 to 100 billion euros per year" would flow, the " Spiegel " quoted on Tuesday from an examination of the network tax justice for the left-hand-near Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation.

Finanzminister Christian Lindner (FDP) lehnt eine Übergewinnsteuer strikt ab. (Archivbild) © dpa Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) strictly rejects an over -profit tax. (Archive image) Some countries have introduced over -profit tax

The maximum amount of almost 102 billion euros calculated by the authors results from taxation of the excess profits with 90 percent. If the tax rate were 50 percent, according to the report, it would be just under 57 billion euros in income, at 25 percent of a good 28 billion euros. According to “Spiegel”,

real estate financing: Reserved real estate industry: Profit at the Pfandbriefbank drops slightly

 real estate financing: Reserved real estate industry: Profit at the Pfandbriefbank drops slightly © provided by Handelsblatt m second quarter, the profit increased by three million euros to 65 million euros. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = The interest rates, the markets are unsettled. This is burdening the profit of the German Pfandbriefbank. CEO Arndt is now expecting a lower new business. increased interest rates and the uncertainty on the markets have burdened the profit of the German Pfandbriefbank, which specializes in real estate financing.

also deals with the problem that profits from mineral oil companies are mostly abroad. This is also due to the fact that companies "postpone a considerable part of their profits in tax havens like Singapore or Switzerland". In order to get significant tax revenue in Germany, the authors therefore propose to derive the over -profit tax from the German share of sales from the group profits.

Christian Lindner strictly leans over -profit tax from

, among others, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Romania and Hungary have already introduced special taxes on crisis gains, other countries are planning this. In Germany, for example, Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) and SPD boss Saskia Esken are calling for such a tax . Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) is strictly against it.

As the "Spiegel" had reported at the end of July, an expert opinion from the Bundestag scientific service sees the introduction of such a tax as possible. The state would therefore have to explain that affected companies have achieved "undeserved profits" and have them been determined. "In view of the obvious current developments on the energy markets, this does not seem to be excluded," the "mirror" quoted from paper. (AFP)

Lindner receives approval for property tax .
Düsseldorf. The Federation of Taxpayers NRW speaks for an extension of the deadline at least until the end of the year. That would be not only in the interest of the taxpayers, but also the tax advisor.

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