US News: Beach Volleyball European Championship: Neuling Lippmann loses the start of the

Steuerwald becomes an assistant coach at Dresden volleyball players

 Steuerwald becomes an assistant coach at Dresden volleyball players immediately before the start of the training, Volleyball Bundesliga club Dresdner SC presented a new assistant for head coach Alexander Waibl on Monday. With Markus Steuerwald, the successor to Belgian Bart Janssen is a former German national player who has been one of the formative actors with record champions VfB Friedrichshafen for years. © Uwe Anspach/dpa/symbol image players stretch their arms towards a volleyball.

newcomer Louisa Lippmann lost her opening game at the Beach Volleyball European Championship in Munich. The former world-class hall player was defeated by Olympic champion Kira Walkenhorst on Tuesday, the Swiss defending champion Tanja Hüberli and Nina Brunner with 19:21, 9:21.

Zwei Beach-Volleyballerinnen kämpfen um den Ball. © Frank Molter/dpa/Symbol image Two beach volleyball players fight for the ball.

The Lippmann, which is trained in Hamburg, had changed from the hall to the sand at the beginning of the year. The 27-year-old will play with Olympic champion Laura Ludwig in the coming season and is aiming for the qualification for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

Karla Borger: Many conditions for new Olympic approach

 Karla Borger: Many conditions for new Olympic approach The call for a new German Olympic application in the pull of the European Championships in Munich thinks athlete spokeswoman Karla Borger is premature. © Christian Charisius/dpa Karla Borger, President of the Athlete Association Germany.

with Interims partner Walkenhorst, who Holte in 2016 with Ludwig Olympia-Gold in Rio, Lippmann is to gain experience. After her resignation for injuries, Walkenhorst dared to restart and want to see if she is also trying to start the 2024 Olympics.

The first group games for the other German women's teams went without any problems. The Stuttgart women Karla Borger and Julia Sude defeated the Ukrainians Jewgenia Baiewa and Tatjiana Lasarenko with 21:13, 21:14. The Hamburgers Isabell Schneider and Sandra Ittlinger came in their first game in Group H against the Dutch Emi van Driel/Pleun Ypma for a 21:15, 22:20.

The Hamburg Nils Ehlers and Clemens Wickler avoided a surprising defeat. The best German men's team had to ward off match balls to conquer the strong Danes Kristoffer Abell/Jacob Stein Brinck with 18:21, 21:14, 20:18.

Paul Henning/Sven Winter, as expected, had no chance against the Poles Michal Bryl/Bratosz Losiak with 14:21, 15:21. The same was for Philipp Huster/Simon Pfretzschner at 14:21, 13:21 against the Dutch Alexander Brouwer/Robert Meuwesen. Robin Sowa and Lukas Pfretzschner had to give up the Czech Ondrej Perusic/David Schweiner with 24:26, 21:17, 9:15.

German volleyball players without a Grozer “maybe variable” .
The lack of the pausing superstar Georg Grozer is said to release fresh forces for the World Cup in Slovenia and Poland. © VDB/Ronald Hoogendoorn/CEV/ANP/dpa pauses for the DVV team and focuses on the Olympic Games in Paris: Georg Grozer in action. "Georg is not there and he is constantly an issue at every press conference," said captain Lukas Kampa (35) before the group's group start on August 26 (5:30 p.m./ in Ljubljana against Olympic champion France.

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