US News: Benjamin Mendy accused of rape: a room from his house terrifies court

United Kingdom: Body excavations on minors, a practice denounced

 United Kingdom: Body excavations on minors, a practice denounced © Reuters - Simon Dawson The London Police in the process of arrest in the margins of a demonstration on January 9, 2021. in London, the police is again accused of institutional racism. Children's rights commissioner Rachel de Souza has just unveiled data that she considers "worrying" for young British. of our correspondent in London, The Children's Rights Commissioner noted 650 bodily excavations on children in the space of two years.

The French footballer responded to a British court alongside his co -accused Louis Saha Matturie.

Benjamin Mendy © provided by Bang Showbiz Benjamin Mendy

since August 10, Benjamin Mendy has been at the heart of the turmoil after having been the subject of ten counts. The footballer was indeed accused of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault by seven different women. This Tuesday, August 16, the Parisian spoke of his trial in the United Kingdom but also his house, in which a room he would have used to trample his alleged victims.

To show the jurors the process that the footballer would have followed to attract these women in his nets, the prosecutor broadcast a video in which we can see the player's house. For Timothy, it was a question of "evaluating the feeling for these women of being trapped". The property of Benjamin Mendy is on "a country road without lighting" at "fifteen minutes of the nearest village".

This house is therefore "an isolated mansion" where all the aggressions of which the athlete was accused would have taken place. Victims also claim that their phone was "confiscated", also speaking of a "piece with a special lock" that one person could unlock. According to Timothy Cray, it is in this room that "the rapes were committed".

Athlé-ch. From Europe: no miracle for Robert on 800m .
provided by Athletics - European championships: Robert finished fifth in 800 meters There was no miracle. This Sunday, on the occasion of the European Athletics Championships, which are currently taking place on the Munich side in Germany, the Frenchman Benjamin Robert finished in fifth place in the 800 meter final, in a time of 1 ' 45 "42. It was the very first final of the main interested party during a large championship.

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