US News: Nigeria: concern in the face of the resurgence of priests 'abductions

The UN chief requires the end of "suicidal" attacks against nuclear power plants

 The UN chief requires the end of © Franck Robichon / EPA-EFE at a press conference in Tokyo in Japan this Monday, August 8, 2022, the secretary general From the UN, Antonio Guterres once again expressed his concerns in the face of nuclear risk in the world. UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres, again expressed his fears about bombing nuclear sites in Ukraine on Monday, August 8, during a press conference in Tokyo in Japan. He described these "suicidal" attacks.

Au Nigeria, les enlèvements de prêtres se multiplient en cette année 2022. Les ravisseurs semblent penser que l'Église a les moyens de verser d'importantes rançons. (photo d'illustration) © AP - Rahaman A Yusuf in Nigeria, priests' abductions are multiplying this year 2022. The kidnappers seem to think that the church has the means to Important ransoms. (Illustration photo)

in Nigeria, members of the clergy are increasingly targeted by kidnappings. The removal of a Catholic priest and a seminarian, Friday August 12, in the state of Abia is the latest of a series of similar incidents targeting religious, and which have sometimes ended with dramas.

With our correspondent in Lagos, Liza Fabbian

which could look like isolated incidents is becoming a phenomenon as recurring as they are worrying. In July, a reverend of the state of Kaduna was killed by the men who had removed him with another religious who was able to escape. Two weeks earlier, a priest had already been shot by unidentified attackers, while working in a vegetable garden, still in the state of Kaduna.

Search at Donald Trump. Mike Pence, his former vice-president, evokes his "concern"

 Search at Donald Trump. Mike Pence, his former vice-president, evokes his © Ryan M. Kelly / AFP Mike Pence, the former vice-president of the United States, April 12, 2022. Mike Pence, former vice- President of Donald Trump, expressed this Tuesday August 9, 2022 of "his great concern" after the search led by the FBI at the former President of the United States. The other Republicans and Conservatives reacted even more vividly.

In the diocese of Sokoto too, religious and their domestic staff have disappeared. But southern Nigeria is not spared: in the state of Edo, in that of Akwa Ibom, religious have also been removed.

In June, the prelate of the Methodist church in Nigeria was kidnapped after armed men attacked his vehicle. He was released two days later, in exchange for a ransom of 200,000 euros according to him. After his release, the prelate also explained that his captors had acted "with the complicity of the security forces" posted on the road.

Other religious suffered the same fate in previous months, suggesting a strategy of the kidnappers, who probably consider that their churches have the means to pay important sums to make them free. The Catholic Church of Nigeria had however said, in 2021, that it refused to pay in the event of kidnapping, so as not to encourage these criminal practices.

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