US News: DSDS brings Dieter Bohlen's absolute darling back

Fall Schlesinger: Anti-corruption officer checks Göring-Film

 Fall Schlesinger: Anti-corruption officer checks Göring-Film The affair around the resigned ARD boss and RBB director Patricia Schlesinger now also employs Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR). The background is the documentary drama "Der Gute Göring" (2016), where Schlesinger's husband Gerhard Spörl participated in her time as a NDR program area as a screenwriter.

Dieter Bohlen is back and Germany is looking for the superstar ends. But of course the last season of the show must not take place without the best buddy of the jury giant.

The RTL reverse role is complete. First the broadcaster had brought the DSDS veteran Dieter Bohlen back to the casting show after just one season-and thus reacted to the worst odds in show history. The return relay will also be the farewell relay, and for the final round one of the most important Deutschland is looking for the superstar faces are back on the jury: Pietro Lombardi.

Dieter Bohl's jury buddy Pietro Lombardi comes back to DSDS

This announced RTL in a press release today. The protégé and mentor are again united and the largest DSDS bromance is allowed to ride into sunset together in 2023.

Radio: New ARD boss suggests reforms in front of

 Radio: New ARD boss suggests reforms in front of © provided by Wirtschaftswoche Tom Buhrow, director of Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = in the RBB affair around the resigned director Patricia Schlesinger, the ARD now wants to teach for the broadcasting community and start supervision. The ARD wants to campaign for strengthening the supervision of all channels in view of the affair around the resigned RBB director and ARD leader Patricia Schlesinger.

The fans reacts to the DSDS end of the RTL+ with music: really good series & over 90 million songs for only 9.99 euros

Dieter Bohlen is happy to say it in the Dieter Bohlen language , like a schnitzel about the return:

He is my absolute desired candidate for the anniversary jury of DSDS. We met DSDS twelve years ago. Everyone knows that I have firmly closed him since then. Guys, snap at: DSDS 2023 - that will be the megahammer!

Lombardi won the 8th season of Germany is looking for the superstar in 2011. He then sat twice in the jury, 2019 and 2020. Lombardi is one of the greatest stars that the show has produced since its beginning 2002. Since then, he has been present and successful as a singer and TV personality.

Pietro Lombardi © RTL © RTL Pietro Lombardi © RTL When does the last season of Germany are looking for the superstar?

The castings for the last show will start soon, you can still apply. Traditionally, a DSDS relay starts in January and then runs for several months. This means that in the spring of 2023 the last season of DSDS will end. And with it a whole TV era. In the end,

only wonders whether anyone will be interested in the winner in this season. Not that it would have been big before.

DSDS 2023: Katja Krasavice is supposed to come instead of Shirin David .
Actually, musician Shirin David was set for the upcoming anniversary relay as a juror. But the 27-year-old unexpectedly made the Casting-Formt a cancellation. Now Bohlen is looking for a replacement to occupy the square next to him in the jury chair. © TF-Images /Getty Images Katja Krasavice In a performance , the pop titan even had an idea: Katja Krasavice. It would not be the first collaboration for the 26-year-old.

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