US News: He sends a photo of aircraft crash to other passengers before takeoff, the police arrive

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Several passengers of a Transavia flight between the Netherlands and Croatia received a photo of air crash on their phone on August 10, 2022, just before taking off their plane. It was a hoax of very bad taste, imagined by another passenger. A "joke" fraught with consequences for the author of the facts.

This hoax turned against its author ... The story takes place aboard a plane from the Dutch airline Transavia , which is a low cost subsidiary of the Air France - KLM group. On August 10, 2022, an 18-year-old young man, who had just embarked at Rotterdam-La Haye airport, in the Netherlands , for a flight to Zadar, in Croatia , was enabled a farce of bad taste. A few minutes before takeoff, the passenger broadcast a photo showing an air crash with other passengers and crew members, reports Air Journal , specialist in air transport news, also relayed information by Geo magazine.

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To do this, the passenger used Airdrop, a content sharing system which allows in particular to send an image to the other Apple devices located nearby. All iPhone holders, who had not yet extinguished their smartphone in anticipation of take -off, therefore received this crash image.

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a comparable story last month

The story does not say what prompted the young man to send this photo. The author simply confessed later that it was a joke, reports Air Journal.

The most surprising is that he does not seem to have thought at all about the consequences of his act. However, there had already been a precedent, very recently: another passenger had received heavy sanctions for having launched a false bomb alert on social networks, while he was traveling aboard a device connecting London ( United Kingdom ) on the island of Menorca in Spain , detailed Ouest-France on July 6, 2022. A military fighter had then escorted the apparatus and the author of the farce had been placed in custody on sight. It is now the subject of legal proceedings.

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plane landed from the plane and banished for a period of five years

that does not seem to have dissuaded the new joker ... Yet without surprise , his farce did not make the crew laugh at all, which launched several calls in the cabin, demanding that the author of the facts denounce. As no one reacted, the commander then announced that the plane would not leave until the joker is on board. Finally, the young man manifested himself, which earned him to be immediately landed and escorted out of the aircraft by the police.

He is now likely to be prosecuted, and he has already been banished by the company Transavia for a period of five years. Now, this young man will probably think twice before trying a new hoax.

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