US News: In China, planes drop projectiles in the sky to drop the rain

Immobilier: In China, construction sites and buyers at the end

 Immobilier: In China, construction sites and buyers at the end © AFP/Archives J Eune married, Mr. Wang was preparing to move with his pregnant wife in their new apartment. But the dream turns into a nightmare with the real estate crisis in Chine which prevents some promoters from completing the work. To buy accommodation three years ago, the future 34 -year -old dad has taken a loan equivalent to 300,000 euros. But without progress of the site for almost a year, he made a radical decision: to stop payment of monthly payments.

  En Chine, des avions larguent des projectiles dans le ciel pour faire tomber la pluie © Yang Bo/China News Service via Getty Images

during this time, in China , we sow clouds. To save its Yangtze river, partly dried up, the city of Yunyang deploys planes that draw projectiles in the sky to "rain", explains CNN . These are composed in silver iodide rods, a highly insoluble inorganic alloy in water. These small missiles the size of a cigarette will touch already existing clouds and help them produce ice crystals. Then, The magic operates . The crystals will create humidity that will increase before turning into a saving rain.

The cultivation of clouds has been practiced since the 1940s, and China is at the forefront of this artificial meteorological process. The process was widely used in particular before the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, for rain to fall before the event. Silver iodide can also be used to cause snowfall or soften hail.

Ukraine and Russia once again accuses shots on the Zaporijjia

 Ukraine and Russia once again accuses shots on the Zaporijjia © Ed Jones nuclear power plant The Zaporijjia nuclear power plant, photographed since Nikopol in Ukraine on April 27, 2022 kyiv and Moscow again exchanged Shooting on the Zaporijjia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, occupied by Russia and targeted several times for a week.

A historic heat wave

since June, at least 4.2 million people in the province of Hubei suffered from intense droughts. Among them, more than 150,000 inhabitants had trouble obtaining drinking water. The Yangtze river is the most important of Chinese rivers and is the main navigable track in the country. Its drying affects enormously affects the populations that survive thanks to the river. Drinking water is less and less accessible, both for humans and for livestock and crop growth dangerously slows down.

China is experiencing its hottest drought event in its history. More than 138 cities in the country are on red alert for "extreme heat." On Monday, the heat wave broke a 64 consecutive duration record. A record that had not been broken for six decades. And it should still intensify in the coming days.

Belarus has set up planes to be able to transport nuclear weapons .
© AFP - Ramil Sitdikov Russian President Vladimir Putin meets his Belarusian counterpart Alexandre Loukachenko in Sochi, in May 2022. It became the rear base of Russia , since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. Belarus has set up its war planes so that they can carry nuclear weapons. Announcement of the dictator Alexandre Loukachenko this Friday, August 26, 2022.

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