US News: Have you spotted these 2 prey details inspired by God of War?

Discussion about entry limitation for Russians

 Discussion about entry limitation for Russians Estonia intensifies the visa regulations for people from Russia against the background of the Russian War against Ukraine and limits their entry. The government in Tallinn decided that Russian citizens from August 18 are no longer allowed to enter with a Schengen visa issued by Estonia. At the same time, some exceptions are planned. © Picture Alliance / dpa A Russian shows her passport.

  Avez-vous repéré ces 2 détails de Prey inspirés par God of War ? © provided by Numerama

The new film of the Predator franchise is directed by Dan Trachtenberg, a fan of God of War. And, it influenced his own feature film, as he revealed himself.

The new film of the Predator franchise is directed by Dan Trachtenberg, a fan of God of War. And, it influenced his own feature film, as he revealed himself.

Prey's success is no longer to prove. This Predator prequel broke audience records in the United States, since its release on August 5, 2022, signing the best launch on the Hulu platform (in France, the film is available on Disney+ ). Carried by actress Amber Midthunder in the role of heroin, database, the feature film places us in the 18th century to retrace the origins of the conflictual relationship between humanity and predators.

Despite the Ukraine War and inflation: Luxury is booming

 Despite the Ukraine War and inflation: Luxury is booming because of the dramatic price increases in energy and food, more and more people in Germany have to strap their belts closer. It is saved - for food as well as with jewelry and clothing. From all? no Ukraine war and the galloping inflation seem to be able to harm the luxury goods market. The business with the luxury is buzzing. © Daniel Reinhardt/dpa A passer -by in front of a boutique by the Swiss watch manufacturer Omega in Hamburg.

Some ideas for the film have unexpected sources of inspiration. In January 2022, long before the release, director Dan Trachtenberg had tweeted his worship for the video game God of War (a cult exclusivity of the Playstation), while sliding that he had had an influence on Prey .

Now that the film has been released, do we know precisely what elements have been imagined from the famous video game? Yes, especially because Dan Trachtenberg revealed the elements in question in an interview for Cassius Life , relayed by Screenrant on August 18.

The shield and the Tomahawk

there are precisely two elements of Prey which are imprinted by God of War:

The predator shield, inspired aesthetically from that of Kratos. À gauche, le boucler de God of War , qui a servi de source d’inspiration au nouveau bouclier du Predator dans Prey . © supplied by Numerama on the left, the buckle of God of War, which served as an inspiration for the new predator shield in Prey. The Tomahawk and the way it is used, "because it launches it and then recalls it," explains the director, "it's very inspired by this game" since Kratos in fact, but with his ax. L’arme de Kratos vs. celle de Naru, dont le système est inspiré du jeu. © supplied by Numerama The weapon of Kratos vs. That of Naru, whose system is inspired by the game.

These are two sources of inspiration now formalized, since entrusted directly by the director of Prey. We are obviously far from a copy and paste, especially since the two universes do not have the same context at all: Prey is in a Comanche tribe when God of War draws from Nordic mythology. But, it is common, among fiction creators, to draw some ideas here and there from works they like to reclaim them differently - there is no doubt that the game is not the only one - that is part of the artistic process.

In any case, Prey marked the criticisms and the public by its renewed approach to Predator (a few years after a feature film which was a monumental failure for the franchise), carried by a sublime cinematography and an intelligent approach of the native peoples represented .

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