US News: Fish dying: Samples of lagoon water without abnormalities

To save the dry flowers of Colmar, the mayor asks to pour the "Carafe" in the

 To save the dry flowers of Colmar, the mayor asks to pour the © Copyright 2022 planters, the Obs in the midst of a dry crisis, the mayor of Colmar has only one idea At the head: save flowers from its very touristy city . Faced with watering prohibitions, Eric Straumann (LR) prompted this Thursday, August 11, the population and restaurateurs to water themselves the planters and floral massifs of public spaces, even if it means resorting to "carafe funds", to "answer to administrative absurdity ”. Desalination, pumping of lakes, tanker trucks ...

First extensive examinations of the water in the German part of the Szczecin Haff, according to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Environment Minister Till Backhaus did not result in any abnormalities. The rehearsals related to the Oder-Fischenerben came from August 13th, 15th and 18th and were examined on 211 organic pollutant compounds, 20 metal and heavy metal directions and 10 nutrient compounds, said the SPD politician in Ueckermünde on Friday. "They show no abnormalities."

Ein toter Blei liegt am frühen Morgen im flachen Wasser vom deutsch-polnischen Grenzfluss Oder. © Patrick Pleul/dpa A dead lead lies in the flat water from the German-Polish border river or.

An existing warning before swimming in the lagoon could not be lifted, said Backhaus. This could only be done if the Polish authorities have been banned from the Oder and until then you have not discovered anything in the lagoon. Fishing carvers were still not found in the German part of the lagoon.

The cause of the pollution of the ODER river, between Poland and Germany, remains unknown

 The cause of the pollution of the ODER river, between Poland and Germany, remains unknown © AP - Patrick Pleul of dead fish float on the surface of the ODER, a river located on the Polish -German border. For several days, tons of dead fish have been drafted on the surface of the Oder river, on the Polish-German border. The analyzes carried out so far have not made it possible to establish the cause of pollution.

In the past few days, helpers in Brandenburg and Poland have recovered masses from the Oder. The cause has so far been unclear.

The German-Polish border river flows into the Stettiner Haff, through which the German-Polish border runs and which is connected to the Baltic Sea. The muzzle area is widely branched and the lagoon with around 900 square kilometers is about twice as large as Lake Constance. As a precaution,

Authorities in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania do not recommend swimming, fishing, fishing and the water withdrawal from the Stettiner Haff. Tourism companies already reported a decline in visitors.

More references to algae poison as the reason for fish deaths .
in the puzzle around the massive fish death in the or from the perspective of experts the indications that the animals have died on a poison produced by algae. The Federal Government rejected Polish allegations on Monday that Germany was spreading “fake news” (false news) on the possible causes of the environmental disaster. The government in Warsaw accused the German side that it had not built enough oil barriers to collect the died fish.

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