US News: Lake Constance ship farms drive back to

Ukrainian cereals: The "razoni" found a buyer for his cargo and accosted in Turkey

 Ukrainian cereals: The © Mehmet Caliskan Le Razoni, cargo swinging Sierra-Léonais, had left the Ukrainian port of Odessa on the sea on August 1 Black with 26,000 tonnes of corn. Reuters/Mehmet Emin Caliskan. It was expected Sunday in the port of Tripoli in Lebanon . The first cereal ship exported by Ukraine finally accosted on Wednesday at the port of Mersin, Turkey.

The rains in the south have the first effect: The course traffic of the Lake Constance shipping company (BSB), which is limited due to the low water, is being expanded. Due to the changed weather conditions with heavy rain and good level forecast, it was possible again from Saturday to go the two lands in Iznang (Konstanz) and Mannenbach (Switzerland), a spokesman for the BSB said on Friday.

Mehrere Boote liegen im Hafen von Iznang. © Felix Kästle/dpa/archive image Several boats are in the port of Iznang.

Since there is still a steep angle of the approach ramp at the landing points, but it is not possible to take wheelchair users or cyclists with you. A safe entry is not guaranteed for them. It was only on Thursday that the BSB announced that the two lands were no longer hit due to the low water.

The Swiss shipping company Untersee and Rhein, according to the information, starts all the lands on Lower Sea and also takes bicycles with them.

Carla Bruni drops the top for sublime photos taken by Nicolas Sarkozy .
© Vianney Le Caer/AP/SIPA Carla Bruni drops the top for sublime photos taken by Nicolas Sarkozy this Thursday, August 25, Carla Bruni published Two shots where you can see it contemplate a sunset near a lake. And the photos were taken by her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy. A love that lasts and a bond visible on social networks. The love story between Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni has solidified over the years, at the heart of power and in everyday events.

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