US News: calls to Center for Safe Sport are getting loud

Corona study shows: Fan print on referee a reason for home advantage

 Corona study shows: Fan print on referee a reason for home advantage The home advantage is a factor for every single game that is not only known in football. A comparison between full stadiums in front of Corona pandemic and the stages empty by the restrictions: The advantage also comes to referee decisions due to the fan print. Every week the home advantage is an issue. Whether in the league competition, in the cup or internationally: Often trainers and players emphasize what an advantage playing in front of the home setting is.

Rome. The serious allegations of abuse by the former top water jumper Jan Hempel have once again illustrated: sport needs an independent instance that protects active people.

 Karla Boger, Beachvolleyballerin und Präsidentin von Athleten Deutschland in Personalunion. © Florian Schroetter Karla Boger, beach volleyball player and president of athletes Germany in personal union.

The serious allegations of abuse by Jan Hempel have triggered waves of dismay and indignation. But not only that: The German Swimming Association (DSV) has to deal with possible misconduct of the past in the middle of the sporty successful European Championships in Rome. At the same time, the calls are becoming louder after the establishment of an independent Center for Safe Sport.

UN agencies confronted with a record for record funding

 UN agencies confronted with a record for record funding -humanitarian-funding: UN agencies faced with a record funding deficit © Reuters/World Food Program UN agencies confronted with a record funding deficit Geneva ( Reuters) - UN humanitarian projects are faced with a record funding deficit this year, global needs go far beyond the promises of donations, the spokesman for the United Nations Humanitarian Coordination Office said on Friday ( Ocha), Jens Laerke. According to the OCHA, only a third of the $ 48.7 billion (47.3 billion euros) has been g

for beach volleyball player Karla Borger, in the Personal Union President of Athletes Germany, it will even be “highest railway”. The allegations of abuse of the former Olympic medalist Hempel, who had become public due to an ARD documentary, have "shaken", Borger said on the sidelines of the beach volleyball European Championship in Munich: "This disgusts me."

You have "great respect for the courage of those affected" and believe that "this development of giving the stories a face and talking about it" is very important. However, "further educational work", according to Borger, must be documented "abused - sexualized violence in German swimming" (Saturday, 10:40 p.m./ARD), "what happens in the background".

Roaming fees: Calls and YouTube can be so expensive

 Roaming fees: Calls and YouTube can be so expensive Within Europe, we have long got used to the fact that we can use and make calls almost like at home on vacation. From a certain amount of data and outside the EU, however, the cell phone remains expensive fun. After all, Germany's mobile phone providers have data and abroad packages on offer that can reduce the costs. © Gaudilab/ Travelers should take care of the correct data packages before their trip.

The athletes of Germany have already worked, in May the independent position of “start -up against violence” launched. To "reduce the pressure in the boiler", as Maximilian Klein explained in the SID conversation. Sometimes you have "several cases a week," he reported.

Ultimately, athletes Germany only want to bridge the range until the central point for Safe Sport is set up, in which the well -being of the athletes is above the interests of associations or decision -makers. But the path is long, for all confessions to found the federal, state and sport. Among other things, it is about the financing key or a specific handle in order to be able to intervene effectively. And for the protection of independence.

The structure is "a mammoth project," said Klein. He estimates that the center could only be operational towards the end of the legislative period of the current federal government in 2025. The time is considerable. In the documentary,

shooting in a Malmö shopping center in Sweden

 shooting in a Malmö shopping center in Sweden Two people were injured, including a woman seriously, at the end of the afternoon in a Malmö shopping center, in the south of Sweden. The person suspected of having fired was arrested. View onononews © MTI The police encircle the shopping center A man died of his injuries, and a woman was seriously injured, at the end of the afternoon in a Malmö shopping center, in southern Sweden . The person suspected of having fired, a teenager, was arrested.

Hempel had stated that a trainer had occurred to him every day for 14 years. He informed the top of the association about the processes in 1997, but the DSV had never substantially dealt with the allegations. On Thursday evening, the association released the national water jump national coach Lutz Buschkow, 1997 base coach in Berlin. Hempel had accused him of knowing about it and not working.

critically about how to deal with Buschkow commented on record European champion Patrick Hausding. "You can't put your responsibility into his shoes, that's not fair, he had no decision at all," the ex-world champion and three-time Olympic medalist told the SID: "As a coach, he was a small part of the system at that moment . ”

Hausding had“ never assessed so that something like that would leave him cold ”. He "did not want to move into a party," emphasized the 33-year-old, who ended his career in May, but in his opinion Buschkow "got into the crossfire much too much". Hausding could "remember no incidents" from his active time, not even "that someone was very noticeable and athletes were sexually insulted".

on site in Rome, the water jumpers tried to cope with the new situation without national coaches. Tina Punzel said only briefly in the morning after her second gold medal in the Foro Italico: "Rather, that he is missing here on the edge of the pool." M-board could hide, she replied: "Of course that doesn't work."

Netherlands: Massive evacuations of a overcrowded center of asylum seekers .
© Vincent Jannink of asylum seekers await food distribution in front of a accommodation center, August 26, 2022 in Ter Apel in the north of Netherlands hundreds of asylum seekers who camped in front of a accommodation center in Ter Apel, in the north of the Netherlands, were taken to other places all over the country, officials said on Saturday.

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