US News: Vénissieux: What we know about the death of the passenger of a car, killed by police shots after a refusal to comply

United Kingdom: Body excavations on minors, a practice denounced

 United Kingdom: Body excavations on minors, a practice denounced © Reuters - Simon Dawson The London Police in the process of arrest in the margins of a demonstration on January 9, 2021. in London, the police is again accused of institutional racism. Children's rights commissioner Rachel de Souza has just unveiled data that she considers "worrying" for young British. of our correspondent in London, The Children's Rights Commissioner noted 650 bodily excavations on children in the space of two years.

in the night from Thursday to Friday, police officers opened fire on both occupants of a car they wanted to control. Two police officers are in police custody.

  Vénissieux : ce que l'on sait de la mort du passager d'une voiture, tué par des tirs de policiers après un refus d'obtempérer © supplied by Franceinfo

A man was killed and another seriously injured on the night of Thursday August 19 to Friday August 19, after a road check in Vénissieux (Rhône) . The representatives of the police opened fire after the driver rushed to them with the vehicle, slightly injuring a police officer. The Lyon prosecutor's office said two investigations had been opened in the morning. Franceinfo takes stock of the known elements on this homicide.

of the police open fire after a refusal to comply in a parking lot

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the facts occurred on the night of Thursday to Friday, shortly after midnight. According to a press release from the Lyon prosecution, four night patrol police officers spotted a vehicle parked in the parking lot of a Vénissieux supermarket, south of Lyon. According to the prosecution, the car was "reported stolen", which confirmed Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior, Friday morning.

"As the civil servants were preparing to control it, the driver of the vehicle triggered the reverse then the front step by hitting a police officer who found himself projected on the hood of the vehicle," continues the Lyon prosecution. Two police officers, including the one on the hood, then "used their weapons several times". The car then "finished its race a hundred meters further".

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The passenger killed and the driver seriously injured

Two people occupied the interior of the vehicle, according to the details of the prosecution. "Very seriously injured", they received first aid. The 20 -year -old passenger died before the firefighters arrived, while the driver of the 26 -year -old vehicle was "transported to the hospital in absolute emergency" after being hit in the head. According to the deputy of the Rhône Idir Boumertit (LFI), "the two people in the car are not from Vénissieux," he explained in progress .

The hit police officer was "slightly injured in the legs" and was oriented towards a hospital for exams.

Two open surveys

while the two occupants of the vehicle were "very unfavorably known to the police", according to the Minister of the Interior, two investigations were opened following the facts: one for "concealment Theft, refusal to comply aggravated and violence with weapons on agents of the public force ", the other for" violence with weapons by persons posted by the public authority having led to death without intention to give it ". The latter was entrusted to the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN), the "police police".

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Two police officers placed in police custody

The Lyon prosecution explains that the two officials who made use of their Service weapons were in police custody on Friday morning. The investigation will have to determine when exactly and under what precise circumstances the shots were fired. "The police will have to answer for the use of their weapons," said Gérald Darmanin.

Immediate union reactions

This "clear assault" of police officers, according to Gérald Darmanin, intervenes two and a half months after a previous homicide following a refusal to comply, in Paris. "There are every half hour in our country," said Interior Minister since Corsica beamed by thunderstorms .

"Darken with a vehicle stolen from police officers is a crime that they have to stop while protecting themselves," said the Syndicate of National Police Commissioners on Twitter. "We no longer respect the police, there is a crisis of authority," castigated BFM TV Alain Barberis, departmental secretary of the Alliance police union in the Rhône.

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