US News: The Ecuador launches a census in his prisons to improve the conditions of detention

Ecuador: Five dead and 16 injured in an attack attributed to organized crime

 Ecuador: Five dead and 16 injured in an attack attributed to organized crime © Marcos Pin / AFP of national police officers inspect the place of explosion, which the Ecuadorian government attributes to organized crime, in the south of Guayaquil, in Ecuador, this Sunday, August 14, 2022. Five people died and 16 others were injured this Sunday, August 14 in an attack in Guayaquil, which the Ecuadorian authorities attributed to organized crime. The explosion also caused the destruction of eight houses and two cars.

L'Équateur a fait face à plusieurs émeutes et affrontements dans ses prisons, notamment dû aux conditions de vie des détenus. Ici, des forces montent la garde à l'extérieur de la prison de Bellavista, à Santo Domingo de los Colorados, le 10 mai 2022. © Rodrigo Buendia / AFP The equator faced several riots and clashes in his prisons, including the living conditions of the prisoners. Here, forces are custody outside the Bellavista prison, in Santo Domingo de Los Colorados, on May 10, 2022.

The first penitentiary census of the Ecuador began on Monday August 22 and will apply in the Prisons of the country which house around 35,000 prisoners. A stage in the reform of the prisons announced at the start of the year by the government to end chronic violence and massacres between rival bands which since 2020 have caused 400 detainees.

With our equator correspondent, Eric Samson

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If the government by definition knows the number of detainees in its prisons, it does not have precise statistics today on the sociology of those deprived of freedom- on the number of small delinquents for example or on the contrary large traffickers of drugs or housing killers.

An objective that is not without danger

This is the objective of the census that will end in three months in Guayaquil, in the most important prison in the country.

The operation is not without danger for public officials who will be permanently accompanied by police and soldiers, because arms and explosives circulate in prisons pavilions, as recent clashes have demonstrated it .

Limit prison overcrowding

The government wishes to limit prison overcrowding which is about 7% by reducing the number of prisoners awaiting trial, or about 13,000 out of a total of 32,000. To improve the living conditions of the prisoners , the authorities also want to separate leaders from rival bands and their men.

Once the census is completed, the most violent prisoners will be concentrated in maximum security prisons, and the others in medium and minimum security pavilions. The imprisoned adolescents will be entitled to centers far from experienced offenders.

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© Francois Lo Presti/AFP of the police officers control vehicles on Tuesday in Lourches (North), after the flight of Imam Iquioussen. Hassan Iuioussen preached against the values ​​of the Republic, today he flouts its laws. On Tuesday, The Council of State validated its expulsion and the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, announced that he would be placed in detention and expelled.

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