US News: "It's too fresh", "it's hard": Kad Merad cracks by evoking the death of Father

Harry, Meghan and “The Firm” - threatens new Zoff?

 Harry, Meghan and “The Firm” - threatens new Zoff? for a last visit to his grandma was no longer enough - although Prince Harry was even by chance in the old home in the historical week. But at the time of the last breath of Queen Elizabeth II. Harry's plane was still there in the air in the Scottish Castle of Balmoral. A final hug or even a final reconciliation on the deathbed has been denied. The fact that other royals were the same, leaked through the British press much later.

invited this Sunday on RTL waves, Kad Merad had trouble containing his emotion while he was invited to discuss the disappearance of his father occurred last year.

© Abaca "It's too fresh", "it's hard": Kad Merad cracks by evoking the death of Father

a disappearance which he has difficulty taking. In October 2021, Kad Merad faced the death of his father, Mohamed Remy Mérad, who had been fighting for many years against the disease. Recently interviewed in Society magazine, the 58 -year -old actor confided in his relationship with his father, "often severe". "It was someone with whom we had very hard relationships, even if he loved us very much," he recalled before adding: " I was the only one who can do it Laugh before he hits, it saved me. Humor was my defense. "

Kad Merad is again smashed after having proposed to lower the price of the

 Kad Merad is again smashed after having proposed to lower the price of the cinema ticket while the frequentation of the cinemas are decreasing, Kad Merad had offered as a solution to lower the price of places ... a Idea that earned the actor to take it for his rank ... © Abaca Kad Merad is again shattered after having proposed to lower the prize for the Kad Merad cinema ticket had been entitled to acerbic reactions after His passage in Daily on TMC while he was promoting honorary citizen , in theaters on September 14.

This Sunday, September 18, Kad Merad was the guest of Mohamed Bouhafsi on RTL waves in the program "Focus Sunday". Julia Vignali's companion was again questioned about this painful loss and he said he had trouble talking about him, the pain being still too present in his mind. " is too fresh for me to evoke my father ... It's hard ... He left not long ago. I was asked for a program if I wanted to comment on the images of the César where I had invited my father. And I said, 'No, I don't want to see my father right now. I don't want to see him'. I find it hard to mention it ", a- he let go not without emotion.

Guest of "50’ inside "last September, the former accomplice of Olivier Baroux had mentioned a big regret, in particular that of not having been able to show the film" Honorary Citizen "to his father. "I regretted that my father did not see the film, since he left last year. It is a pain that I cannot erase", had reacted.

in Rennes, a burlesque opera, hailed by criticism .
© Alban Van Wassenhove Cupid and Death, the highly anticipated school of the Rennes Opéra of Rennes is a musical imagined during the ephemeral English Republic. The Rennes Opera welcomes Cupid & Death, entertainment with a frantic pace and with unbridled humor. It's English, it's baroque ... and it's barred. Cupid and death, mask in five entries, is one of the most intriguing musical dramas in 17th century England.

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