US News: Syria: The Turkish army accentuates the pressure on the Kurdish forces and the troops of the

Kiews counter -offensive makes months of Russian advance

 Kiews counter -offensive makes months of Russian advance Kyiv/Washington. According to US experts, the Ukrainian soldiers have recovered more terrain within five days than the Russian troops have occupied as a whole since April. © Leo Correa Ukrainian soldiers on a tank (symbolic photo). "The liberation of Isjum has been the greatest military success of Ukraine since the victory in the Battle of Kyiv in March", judged the Institute for the Study of the War (ISW) in its location analysis on Sunday.

Une vue de la ville de Kobané au nord de la Syrie proche de la frontière turque. © AP - Emrah Gurel regime a view of the city of Kobane in the north of Syria near the Turkish border.

Turkish air strikes on positions held by the troops of the regime and the Kurdish forces left three dead and injured on Sunday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

With our regional correspondent, Paul Khalifeh

The tension has mounted in recent 24 hours on the fronts of northern Syrian where the Turkish army and its Syrian army are faced on the one hand, the Kurdish militias and the government army of the other. Violent artillery duels took place in the Kobane sector, east of Aleppo, before the intervention of Turkish aviation which killed and injured in the ranks of Kurdish fighters and the Syrian army.

warning shots on suspicious ship fired in Aegean

 warning shots on suspicious ship fired in Aegean The Greek coast guard has fired warning shots for a ship that has suspected within the Greek territorial waters in front of the Greek island of Lesbos. The captain of the “Anatolian” ship had previously refused to be checked. After that, the ship drove into the nearby Turkish waters, the headquarters of the Greek coast guard in Piraeus announced on Sunday morning. The Turkish coast guard was informed about the incident that occurred on Saturday around noon, the Greek coast guard continued.

The Turkish army also pulled dozens of shells and rockets against positions of the Syrian democratic forces, dominated by the Kurds and supported by the United States, in the Qamichli region, in the extreme northeast of Syria.

This climbing on the field comes at a time when Ankara and Damascus have had high level contacts for the first time since the start of the Syrian war eleven years ago. Various sources have revealed that the heads of the two countries' security services have met several times in recent weeks to discuss conflictual files.

The Reuters news agency confirmed that a meeting took place in Damascus last week, between Turkish Intelligence Manager Hakan Fidan, and his Syrian counterpart Ali Mamlouk, who is the subject of American and European sanctions.

The Kurds, who control a quarter of the Syrian territory, are unhappy with these contacts and fear paying the price for a rapprochement between Ankara and Damascus.

Czech EU Council Presidency calls for war criminal tribunal to Ukraine .
After the discovery of hundreds of graves in recaptured areas of Ukraine, the Czech EU Presidency has called for the establishment of an international tribunal war criminal tribunal. "In the 21st century, such attacks on the civilian population are unthinkable and hideous," said Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky on Saturday.

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