US News: Elizabeth II funeral: The immense security challenge for London police

Tickets, stamps, national hymn: what will change with Charles III

 Tickets, stamps, national hymn: what will change with Charles III © Daniel Leal / AFP A near The death of Queen Elizabeth II Thursday September 8, many aspects of daily life in the Kingdom- Uni will change with the accession of Charles III to the throne. To begin with, the face of the new King Charles III will appear on coins and banknotes in the United Kingdom and in other countries of the world, replacing the profile of Queen Elizabeth II .

Les policiers sont postés le long de l'avenue The Mall qui mène de Buckingham Palace au Westminster Hall, où est exposé le cercueil de la reine jusqu'à ses funérailles lundi 19 septembre. © AP - Kirsty Wigglesworth The police are posted along the avenue The Mall which leads from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where the coffin is exposed From the queen to her funeral on Monday, September 19.

Queen's funeral Monday, September 19, promise to be the largest operation ever supervised by London police. To ensure the smooth running of the event and prevent possible crowd movements, a colossal device has been set up with more than 10,000 police officers.

They will not have the right to the slightest mistake. With 2,000 guests expected in Westminster Abbey for the Queen's funeral, including 500 heads of state around the world, the burial will represent a monumental security issue for the police. An even more important day device than during the duration of the Olympic Games in 2012.

Queen Elizabeth II.: State funeral on September 19 in London

 Queen Elizabeth II.: State funeral on September 19 in London The Buckingham Palace has announced the key data for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022). As can be read, among other things, on Instagram , the "precautions for the funeral of their Majesty of the Queen" in London look as follows: "The state's dust of her majesty of the queen will take place on September 19 in the Westminster Abbey." The new King Charles III had said Monday. (73) As part of his proclamation as a British monarch on Saturday, declared a holiday on Saturday.

Tens of thousands of visitors must make the trip this Monday, while The British continue to queue in the endless queue to meditate with the queen's coffin.

The police will therefore deploy 36 kilometers of barriers and 10,000 security agents across the British capital, according to The Guardian . To cope with the scale of the event, police officers in the whole country have been summoned. Chief masters and marine unit must also be recruited, as indicated by deputy sub-commissioner Stuart Cundy.

He claims to have established a specific protocol to control the crowd and thwart any attempt at attack or disturbance. "The installations and technology we have, so that we can see everything that is happening from several different angles, are absolutely essential in terms of crowd control," he said according to AFP. Police will be accompanied by helicopters, and leaders officers the operation from a check -up room. Drones will be prohibited throughout the capital.

Death of Elizabeth II: The Defirk of the Queen leaves Balmoral Castle

 Death of Elizabeth II: The Defirk of the Queen leaves Balmoral Castle © Paul Ellis / AFP L E Funeral Course of Elizabeth II officially started on Sunday September 11. The hearse carrying the Defirk of the Queen left her Scottish Balmoral residence, where she died Thursday at 96 years old, to join Edinburgh. The coffin covered with the Royal Scottish standard on which a bouquet of flowers had been placed crossed the doors of Balmoral shortly after 11 a.m. French time (10 hours, local time).

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The heads of states escorted on buses

Emmanuel Macron, American president Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese, or even the Japanese emperor Naruhito as well as many other leaders confirmed their arrival.

Except that in documents sent on Saturday September 10 to embassies, the British Foreign Ministry advocates heads of state to move to Westminster Abbey with built buses for the occasion, rather than private cars , due to the "strict safety and road restrictions". As indicated by the American Politico media which was able to consult these documents, Heathrow's London Airport will not welcome private aircraft for safety measures, which will have to land in "less frequented airports".

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Queen Elizabeth II: This invaluable treasure with which she will rest in her coffin

 Queen Elizabeth II: This invaluable treasure with which she will rest in her coffin the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will take place on September 19. It will rest with two jewelry with high sentimental value. Queen Elizabeth II had an incredible… © Bestimage Reine Elizabeth II: these two precious jewels with which she will rest in her coffin. Queen Elizabeth II had an incredible collection of jewelry . Bracelets, necklaces, pins, Tiares ... She did not hesitate to lend some of these precious objects to Kate Middleton, Lady Di or Meghan Markle.

The right to demonstrate will be respected

after the knife attack against two police officers in center of London Friday, September 16, forces of the order remain all the more vigilant in preparation of the funeral.

Faced with possible demonstrations on the sidelines of the procession, Stuart Cundy explains that each police officer will have to respect the right to demonstrate. “We have made sure that each of our police officers deployed in London understand that people have the right to demonstrate. Our reaction must be proportionate, balanced, and our officers will take action only if necessary, "he said.

Tim de Meyer, assistant police chief of Thames Valley, guaranteed that the police will be discerning. "We know that we have to do the share of things between freedom of expression and public security. We will be careful to balance the two and respect the dignity of this event. »

Revelations on the death of Elizabeth II: her dogs were by her side when she died .
your browser do not support this video A source close to the British royal family announced to the Daily Mail that Queen Elizabeth II could count on the presence of his two adored dogs during his last moments. It has been almost twenty days already that Queen Elizabeth II made her last breath, at the age of 96. However, revelations continue to abound around his death.

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