US News: USA would support Taiwan militarily in attack

Mali: Dozens of civilians who died after a jihadist attack

 Mali: Dozens of civilians who died after a jihadist attack © Str "What really worries us is the humanitarian situation, the populations are abandoned to themselves", assures a local elected official. Str / AFP of the dozen civilians were killed Friday after the attack in the city of Talataye, located in northern Mali, by jihadists affiliated with the Islamic State and fights with other armed groups of the region, announced a local elected official and an armed group official.

President Joe Biden again assured military support in the event of an attack. "Yes, if there was actually an attack that had never been there before," Biden said in a TV interview when asked: "Would the US armed forces defend the island?" In the interview recorded on Thursday, Biden answered questions from Scott Pelley in the program “60 Minutes”. Pelley hooked again: "In contrast to Ukraine, to say it clearly: US forces (...) Would Taiwan defend in the event of a Chinese invasion?" Biden affirmed the question again.

US-Präsident Joe Biden bei einem Pressestatement im Weißen Haus. © Susan Walsh/AP/dpa US President Joe Biden in a press statement in the White House.

Pelley said on the show that after the interview with Biden, the White House had clarified that US politics had not changed and that the United States would not officially say whether American armed forces would defend Taiwan. Biden had already expressed equally clear on a trip to Japan in May and said that the United States had a “obligation” to defend Taiwan in the event of an attack. It was only at the beginning of August that US top politician Nancy Pelosi caused tensions with China with a trip to Taiwan.

The Communist leadership in Beijing sees Taiwan as part of the People's Republic and threatens to conquer. The United States has committed to the defense capacity of Taiwan - which has so far meant primarily arms deliveries. The question of a military support in the attack was deliberately left open because Beijing would see this as a violation of the "one-China doctrine".

shammers in the areas occupied by Russia have started .
After the setbacks of the Russian army in Ukraine, Russia's President Vladimir Putin threatened to use “all means” at war when he announced the partial mobilization of reservists on Wednesday. This arouses fears that a nuclear weapon could be used again for the first time since 1945. Russia is the largest nuclear power in the world. An overview of possible scenarios: © world US Secretary of State Antony Flashing has called for an end to Russian threats of nuclear weapons.

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