US News: inflation hammer: Sparkasse with blatant warning

The President of the Intermarché Mousquetaires accuses Danone of "not reasonable" price increases

 The President of the Intermarché Mousquetaires accuses Danone of © Copyright 2022, the Obs The president of the group Les Mousquetaires Intermarché Didier Duhaupand accused Danone, this Thursday, September 15, to benefit from inflation To improve its margins with “not reasonable” price increases, while negotiations between agro-industrial and distributors are still not completed.

The inflation tears ever larger holes in the household cash register. Now the Sparkasse has also expressed an urgent warning.

Logo der Sparkasse © Imago / Michael Gstettenbauer Logo of the Sparkasse

The Sparkasse has shown that frightening numerical examples have shown that fewer and fewer citizens can withstand inflation in the long run.

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can force the price increases to use to use their savings, reports the "FAZ" .

60 % of households affected

currently the inflation rate is approx. 8 percent. According to the Sparkasse's calculations, there is no money left in a household with 3,600 euros net income at the end of the month.

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 Ramon Roselly: Sad bad news! His luck is in broken "Dreams Life" by Ramon Roselly, according to rumors, does not come onto the market in mid -October. Bitter for the fans who have been waiting for your star's new album since July! © Imago / Bobo Ramon Roselly Jobs message Ramon Roselly (28) spans his fans on torture - and for months! according to "" , the publication of his new album "Dream Living" is now shifting for the second time.

according to Helmut Schleweis , President of the German Sparkasse and Girover Association , 60 percent of private households in Germany are affected. He therefore advocates the federal government to take a look at this income group in future relief packages.

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in relation to companies from medium -sized companies said Schleweis at a press conference: "All German companies are now affected by massive increases in energy prices. This means especially for the energy -intensive businesses A massive and often not manageable increase in production costs. "

, in his view, is the most effective means of energy price brake: "If we want to survive the economic threat from Russia together, then these companies need help."

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