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War in Ukraine: After the call for mobilization, the state of the armament of the Russian army poses question

 War in Ukraine: After the call for mobilization, the state of the armament of the Russian army poses question in a tense climate of military mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists for the Russian offensive in Ukraine, The abilities of the army deployed in Ukraine still remain uncertain. © supplied by Franceinfo What remains of the Russian army? While the partial mobilization began in Russia, which could reach 300,000 men, many questions arise, especially on the different protest movements across country and that many Russians flee the country.

Russia is in difficulty in the east and south of Ukraine. Ukrainian forces target logistics infrastructure. View onononews

La Russie en difficulté à l'Est et au Sud de l'Ukraine © Euronews Russia in east and southern Ukraine

according to L_ ' Institute for the Study of War _, Russian officials "set up conditions to enlist Ukrainian civilians in the soon annexed areas of occupied Ukraine ".

They could thus reclassify their invasion of Ukraine and the occupation of the territory soon annexed to "anti -terrorist operation".

Always according to this think tank, the Russian forces would hire men from this newly mobilized Western military district on the Kherson front lines and the Kharkiv region, without prior training. It is unlikely that these men, with only a day or two training, really strengthen the Russian positions affected by the Ukrainian counter-offensives.

War in Ukraine: What must be remembered from the day of Monday, September 26,

 War in Ukraine: What must be remembered from the day of Monday, September 26, Ukrainian investigators examine a new alleged site of Charnier, on an industrial abandoned chicken farm in Kozatcha Lopan, near the Russian border. © supplied by Franceinfo while the Ukrainian authorities announced Monday, September 26, that investigators examine a possible mass grave in Lozatcha Lopan, near the Russian border, the anger of part of the Russians grew up on the order of mobilization issued last week. On the diplomatic level, London and Wahsington help kyiv and sanction Moscow .

In the South , Ukrainian forces continue to target the Russian land communication lines, as part of their counter-offensive. In particular, they disrupt Russian efforts to build barges and cross rivers.

The Institute for the Study of War claims that the Ukrainian forces consolidate their position on the left bank of the Oskil and that they gained ground in the outskirts of Lyman.

Russian sources report that Ukrainian artillery fire prevents their forces from using the last logistics route to Lyman.

East , according to the British Defense Ministry, Russia brings together additional forces, probably because the Ukrainian advance now threatens the Louhansk region.

The annexation of the occupied territories of Donetsk and Louhansk by Russia will probably exacerbate tensions within the forces of these popular republics: they regularly mutate when they are asked to fight outside their own regions.

War in Ukraine: Russia appropriates the Zaporijia nuclear power plant in a decree signed by Vladimir Putin .
This Kremlin decision comes while the Ukrainian counter-offensive continues in the regions annexed illegally by Russia. © supplied by Franceinfo Russia has formally appropriated The Zaporijjia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine, which she has occupied militarily for months, according to a decree signed by its president Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, October 5 . "The government will have to ensure that the nuclear installations of the power station (...) are accepted as federal property," we

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