US News: DRC: A new service from Dr. Mukwege to treat women raped

party leader gives up the goal: Söder gives expansion of the women's quota in the CSU cancellation

 party leader gives up the goal: Söder gives expansion of the women's quota in the CSU cancellation The women's union had never given up the demand for more odds, now the CSU boss speaks plain text-and is celebrated by party growth. © Photo: Photo: dpa/Karl-Josef Hildenbrand Markus Söder, Bavarian Prime Minister (CSU), speaks at the State Assembly of the Junge Union Bavaria. CSU boss Markus Söder has given up his earlier goal of expanding of the women's quota in the CSU-and thus rejected a permanent demand for the women's union.

Le médecin congolais Denis Mukwege, l'ancien président français François Hollande et son épouse Julie Gayet (de gauche à droite) à l'hôpital Panzi de Bukavu (RD Congo) le 28 septembre 2022 © Michel Lunanga Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege, former French president François Hollande and his wife Julie Gayet (from left to right) at Panzi Hospital De Bukavu (RD Congo) on September 28, 2022

women victims of atrocious rapes neat in the hospital of the Nobel Peace Prize Denis Mukwege, in the east of the DR Congo, can now benefit from surgery "without scar ", in a new ultra-modern service inaugurated on Wednesday.

Created with Belgian Professor Guy-Bernard Cadière, the "African Invasive Surgery Institute" is installed in the Panzi hospital in Dr. Mukwege in Bukavu, chief town of South Kivu, one of the provinces Congolese for almost 30 years for violence of armed groups.

Golshifteh Farahani: in Iran, "they die because women"

 Golshifteh Farahani: in Iran, since the death of Mahsa Amani, the Franco-Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani, in exile, actively relays the images from Iran. She tells us her anger, her concern and her hopes. © ABACA/BOYER-HAHN-MARECHAL Actress GOLSHIFTEH FARAHANI at the 2022 Cannes Festival. "Since the death of Mahsa Amani, the days are difficult, the nights are difficult, we do not eat, we do not sleep.

Since the late 90s, Denis Mukwege has welcomed women victims of rape, used as "weapons of war" in these endless conflicts.

"Your work for so many years for women to be repaired, treated, followed, reintegrated into society, goes far beyond the east of the Congo, this is an example for the world," said during of the inauguration of the new department of the hospital the former French president François Hollande.

"Your presence is a very strong message, to simply say that violence is not acceptable," said Dr. Mukwege. "We hope, with the survivors, that we are dealing with the third generation that your voice can carry further," he added.

The "minimum invasive" surgery, in particular by "laparoscopy", formerly called "surgery without scar", avoids having to open the belly to operate organs, which it allows to reach with the help of a tiny Camera and instruments introduced by very small incisions, all controlled on a screen.

"The world is struck by many violence, wars", where women are "victims of the worst atrocities", deplored François Hollande, accompanied by his wife, actress Julie Gayet, herself involved for several years in The fight against violence against women.

It takes a "mobilization to fight against this violence", asked the former French president, who recalled to know for a long time Dr. Mukwege. "In no country a woman should not be afraid in the stomach by leaving her home or going to work," he said.

Tuesday in Kinshasa, François Hollande had pleaded for "the end of interference" and a "more effective" United Nations force to bring peace to eastern DRC.


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