US News: number of Ebola dead in Uganda, 19 people died in Uganda, 19 people who were probably suffering from Ebola. According to the Ministry of Health, these are cases in which Ebola infection does not detect clinically, but was probably present. In the meantim

After the outbreak of Ebola in Uganda, Tanzania is preparing

 After the outbreak of Ebola in Uganda, Tanzania is preparing © AP - Ronald Kabuubi Documentation with instructions to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus decrypted by a health professional in a village in the west of the Uganda. (Illustration) Faced with the new outbreak of Ebola in Uganda, neighboring countries are preparing for a possible spread. In Tanzania, the authorities said, Friday, September 23, that they intensified control of their borders. They also launched awareness campaigns in schools.

In Uganda sind nach Angaben des Gesundheitsministeriums mehrere Menschen an Ebola gestorben. © Ronald Kabuubi/AP/dpa in Uganda, according to the Ministry of Health, several people died of Ebola. The cause of the outbreak was initially not known. The center was in the end of the district, the most important city of which is located on a expressway to the capital Kampala. At the beginning of last week it became known that a 24-year-old man died of the consequences of an Ebola infection.

Ebola is transferred through contact with body fluids of an infected person or via contaminated objects. The first symptoms such as fever and muscle pain are similar to other frequent diseases such as malaria.

Since a severe Ebola outbreak in 2000, in which over 200 people died in northern Uganda and hundreds of others were infected, Uganda has experienced several outbreaks. Uganda's neighboring country Congo had only reported a new Ebola outbreak last month.

Paris calls French in Iran for a quick departure to .
occasion is probably forced to provide two Frenchmen to want to provoke protests in Iran. A serious reminder also comes from Berlin. An incident in Copenhagen shows that the nerves lie blank. © KARIM AIT Adjedjou/Abaca/picture Alliance poster at a rally on Thursday in Paris to support the protesting women in Iran After the apparently forced espionage confession of a French couple stated in Iran, France recommended to its citizens so quickly to leave as possible.

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