US News: Colombia: A senator on horseback in the corridors of Parliament

excluded. Anthony Colette (Tomorrow belongs to us): "Hadrien is in danger, he is afraid, he is panicked"

 excluded. Anthony Colette (Tomorrow belongs to us): © Capture excluded. Anthony Colette (Tomorrow belongs to us): "Hadrien is in danger, he is afraid, he is panicked" at the end of the episode of this Monday, September 26, the viewers of Tomorrow belongs to us will find Hadrien, the son of Alma, at the worst. Anthony Colette, her interpreter, confided in the surprise return of her character.

Le sénateur colombien Alirio Barrera est entré dans l'hémicycle du Parlement avec son cheval, le 27 septembre 2022 à Bogota © Jorge Duke The Colombian Senator Alirio Barrera entered the hemicycle of the Parliament with his horse, on September 27, 2022 in Bogota

Colombian parliamentarians can now sit with their pets, a world premiere. The right -wing Senator Alirio Barrera did not show up in the hemicycle in Bogota with his cat or dog, but perched on his imposing white horse.

The member of the Democratic Center party first wandered over his mount in the streets of the center of the capital, before venturing into the corridors of the Parliament to claim the importance of equines for the Colombian campaigns.

"It is a tribute to the peasants, men and women, herds' guards who live with horses. To all those people who work in the fields," the elected official told AFP holding his horse white by the bridle.

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 Ukraine: Four regions in the process of being annexed by Russia © Alexey Kudenko / Sputnik / Sputnik via AFP L A Russia completed Tuesday, September 27, the organization of annexation referendums in four territories totally or in part Under his control in Ukraine , arousing both kyiv and Western anger, who promised a strong response in the event of incorporation.

Last week, the President of the Senate, Roy Barreras, had announced from the perch, with his dog on their knees, which parliamentarians could now come accompanied by their pets. What to do with the Colombian Parliament "the first in the world that is Pet-Friendly", he congratulated himself.

"My pet is my horse," said Alirio Barrera alongside his destrier called "Pasaporte". "Some have their pets, their cats, their dogs, I have my horse and if the law is for one, may it be for everyone," said the senator, straw hat on the head.

A shot that did not please the ecological bench. Senator Andrea Padilla pointed out "an immature attitude with which he wanted to ridicule a good decision of the Parliament".

"It is not the same thing to take a dog to the office as a horse, a horse suffers on the asphalt, on the sidewalk, he suffers on these waxed floors," denounced Ms. Padilla.

In Colombia, the law has been protecting wild and domestic animals from human beings since 1989, with exceptions for so -called cultural practices, such as bullfighting or rooster fights of which the Senator Barrara is a defender.


election campaign spurt with Chancellor Scholz in Lower Saxony .
One day before the state election in Lower Saxony, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) supports his party colleague Stephan Weil this Saturday at the campaign. In the afternoon, an election campaign event of the incumbent prime minister in Hanover is planned, to which, in addition to Scholz, the Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD) is also expected. © Kay Nietfeld/dpa/archive picture Olaf Scholz (SPD), Chancellor, runs through the Bundestag.

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