US News: Hurricane Ian: Torrential rains, flooded streets, power cuts ... Florida struck hard

Canada: A woman who has disappeared after passing the Hurricane Fiona

 Canada: A woman who has disappeared after passing the Hurricane Fiona violent winds and torrential rains have caused material damage and power cuts in nearly 500,000 households. View onononews © Rene Roy/Wreckhouse Press The Hurricane Fiona hit the Atlantic Coast of Canada hard on Saturday September 24, 2022. Hurricane Fiona hit the Atlantic coast of Canada on Saturday, with half a million Deposite electricity households, material damage and a missing woman, swept away by waters.

Une rue du centre-ville de Fort Myers inondée, alors que l'ouragan Ian frappe le sud-ouest de la Floride, aux États-Unis le 28 septembre 2022. Reuters/Marco Bello © Marco Bello A street in downtown Fort Myers flooded, while Hurricane Ian hits the South- West of Florida, in the United States on September 28, 2022. Reuters/Marco Bello he could be "one of the five strongest hurricanes having ever struck Florida". Hurricane Ian swept the Florida Wednesday with its strong winds and torrential rains, causing "catastrophic" floods and generalized power cuts. With winds up to 185 km/h, Ian hit earth along the Cayo Costa coast, in the southwest of the state, at 3:05 p.m. local (7:05 pm), according to the National Center for American hurricanes (NHC). Near the Keys archipelago, the bad conditions capsized a boat carrying migrants. The coast guards were still looking for 20 people, three having been saved and four others having managed to swim to the shore. Until then classified in category 3, out of the 5 in the Saffir-Simpson scale, Ian has been demoted in category 1, the NHC announced around 3:00 GMT. More than 2 million households were deprived of electricity on Wednesday evening in Florida on Wednesday evening, mainly around the trajectory of the hurricane, according to the specialized Poweroutage site. Completely flooded streets The city of Punta Gorda has plunged into darkness. During the night, only a few buildings equipped with generators remained illuminated, the only surrounding noises being the roar of the wind and the pouring rain. A few hours earlier, the city had experienced a brief respite by finding itself in the eye of the hurricane. But the gusts and the rain returned with even more strength, stunning signaling panels and carrying pieces of roofs and branches of trees. In Naples, in the southwest of Florida, images of the MSNBC chain showed completely flooded streets and the cars floating according to the current. The flood was sometimes exceeded 3 meters, the state governor Ron Desantis announced on Wednesday evening. The meteorological phenomenon must then move to the land during the day, and emerge over the West Atlantic by Thursday evening. Hurricane Ian is expected to weaken over its passage in land, but could still cause significant damage by reaching east of Florida, according to the National Center for American Hurricane. A "very dangerous" storm for "the coming days" Governor Ron Desantis said on Wednesday evening that it would probably be "one of the five strongest hurricanes having ever struck Florida". For her part, the director of FEMA (the federal agency responsible for taking care of natural disasters), Deanne Criswell, said that Ian would continue to be a "very dangerous" storm for "the days to come". Hurricane Ian had previously struck Cuba on Tuesday, killing two people and plunging the island into the dark. With the warming of the ocean surface, the frequency of the most intense hurricanes, with more violent winds and greater precipitation, increases, but not the total number of hurricanes.

Hurricane Fiona: the American president at Puerto Rico to reassure the populations .
© AP - Evan Vucci The President Joe Biden, and his partner Jill, this Monday, October 3, 2022, in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Joe Biden was this Monday, October 3 in Porto Rico, uncomputable territory of the United States in the Caribbean on Monday, October 3, devastated at the end of September by Hurricane Fiona. The American president came to provide long -awaited support.

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