US News: Ukraine: Moscow and kyiv accuse a shot that killed 23 dead

shammers in the areas occupied by Russia have started

 shammers in the areas occupied by Russia have started After the setbacks of the Russian army in Ukraine, Russia's President Vladimir Putin threatened to use “all means” at war when he announced the partial mobilization of reservists on Wednesday. This arouses fears that a nuclear weapon could be used again for the first time since 1945. Russia is the largest nuclear power in the world. An overview of possible scenarios: © world US Secretary of State Antony Flashing has called for an end to Russian threats of nuclear weapons.

  Ukraine : Moscou et Kiev s’accusent d’une frappe ayant fait 23 morts © Dmytro Smolyenko / Nurphoto / Nurphoto via AFP

L ' Ukraine accused Friday 30 September the Russia of having killed 23 people, Civilians queuing to receive humanitarian aid during a bombing in the Zaporijia region, which the Russians partly occupy.

"The enemy launched an attack on the arugula against a humanitarian convoy of civilians, people were queuing to go to the temporarily occupied area, meet loved ones, receive help," said on Telegram the Ukrainian regional governor, Oleksandre Staroukh. “There are 23 dead and 28 injured, all civilians, locals. Burn in hell, Cursed Russian, "he said.

The Russian occupation for its part defended itself from having orchestrated this act, attributing this strike to kyiv. “Ukrainian fighters committed a new terrorist act. Seeing that the population went en masse in the [occupied, note] part of Zaporijia, they hit a column of dozens of civil cars, "said a regional occupation, Vladimir Rogov on Telegram. The two camps broadcast photos of vehicles with blown windows and inanimate bodies.

War in Ukraine: Youth pays the high price of the Russian invasion

 War in Ukraine: Youth pays the high price of the Russian invasion A Irpin, life is trying to take a normal short, but the young inhabitants struggle to find a work Report - In Irpin, life tries to resume A normal short, but the young inhabitants struggle to find work of our special envoy in Ukraine Vania and Sophia have decided to return. As soon as the Russians left Irpin, they fled the Belarusian border where they thought they could take refuge. "In fact, it was untenable, the Russians came to us every day, we were under surveillance," says Vania.

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An official of the Russian occupation killed in Kherson

in the Kherson region, in southern Ukraine, an official of the Russian occupation administration was killed on the night of Thursday to Friday in a Ukrainian strike , the local authorities announced. Alexei Katerinitchev, first assistant to the head of the administration of the Kherson region, in charge of security, was killed "in a precise strike" led by Ukrainian forces using two missiles launched by a Himars system on Her home said a Russian occupation manager Kirill Stremooussov, quoted by the Russian news agency Tass.

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partially under Russian control, Kherson and Zaporijia, in the south of Ukraine, are two of the four regions that Russia of Vladimir Putin will annex Friday .

Russia changes its military command in Ukraine .
© Alexei Druzhinin Sergei Sourovikine, 55, is a veteran of the civil war in Tajikistan, the Second Czechénia War in the 2000s and the Russian intervention in Syria launched In 2015, and hitherto led the "South" forces group in Ukraine, according to a report by the Russian ministry dating from July. "did not reach the assigned objectives" .

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