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US News: Day of German Unity: Fear still hangs in the turning players

Special date for the blood donation

 Special date for the blood donation Before the holiday on October 3, the DRK blood donation service North-East will carry out a special date. In exceptional cases, donations are possible this Saturday (October 1) in the blood donation center in the Alexa shopping center in Berlin-Mitte. There were no appointments on the day of German unity, it said from the German Red Cross (DRK). In order to secure the supply, the missing day must be compensated for.

in the era: The East is still different 32 years after the union. Real and fueled fears of the future mix with nostalgia. In contrast, experience from peaceful upheaval helps.

Beherrscht von Angst. Demonstration der rechtsextremen Gruppierung „Freie Sachsen“ in Leipzig. © Photo: Photo: dpa/Sebastian Willnow dominated by fear. Demonstration of the right -wing extremist group "Freie Sachsen" in Leipzig.

Recently in Annaberg in the Ore Mountains: Thousands are on the street to demonstrate for their longing for safe times. In the speeches, Germany's return to the Russian gas is challenged. This is the only thing that is certain in the current break: this return will no longer exist in Europe due to Russia's military and energy war. In East Germany, many people still insist on it.

BER operators expect 290,000 passengers at the weekend

 BER operators expect 290,000 passengers at the weekend on BER it will be full again next weekend. The operators expected around 290,000 passengers for the days on Friday to Monday, the managing director responsible for the company, Thomas Hoff Anderson, announced the German press agency on Tuesday. On Monday, the day of German unity, around 75,000 passengers are likely to travel via the capital airport. "In order to make the trip over the BER for everyone as relaxed as possible, we ask the passengers for good preparation," said Hoff Anderson.

Recently in Brandenburg in the Mark: Hundreds are on the street to show their anger about rising prices and growing uncertainties. Organized by the local left, the right protest party AfD, right -handed lateral thinkers and the right -wing extremist NPD are also marching. In the postulated "Hot Autumn" before a frosty winter, forms a front that Democratic community had already dreamed of in the Corona crisis . In East Germany, few people still defend themselves against it.

real fear mixes with the stained

Nevertheless comes from despite. In East Germany in particular, he feeds himself out of fear of the future - real worries about lower wages, pensions and reserves. And stoked worries about a still thinner civilian layer that has subsided on many decades of dictatorship experience. It is also a fear that the society between the Baltic Sea and the Ore Mountains has not yet shaken from the turning slams.

Schleuserring Smell after great raid

 Schleuserring Smell after great raid After almost one-year investigation, the federal police smashed a smuggling ring at a large raid in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria and arrested one of the two alleged masterminds. A total of 18 apartments and 2 restaurants were searched on Wednesday, 15 people are accused, as the Lörracher public prosecutor said. © Stefan Sauer/dpa/Illustration A man wears handcuffs.

Why is the East still so different, more than three decades after the peaceful era after the long -awaited German unity in freedom? Because the east is still seen differently. Also through your own eyes.

The union was none of the same, not even in its longing for it. This is now evident with a view to the multiple crises of our time. The GDR nostalgia (also fueled by the Left Party) in response to hard fractures according to unit follows (especially from the AfD and right-wing extremist groups such as the "Free Saxony") Moscow Nostalgia in response to new future fears.

The Ukraine freedom struggle gets under the bikes in the post-Soviet socialized East rather than in the West-oriented socialized West. The East Germans should know how important freedom is to breathe. And that she brings peace.

How can there be secret or uncanny sympathy for imperialist Russia? This is one of the target breakage points where German tornness also shows. This was promoted by important political actors such as Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD), who put her state chancellery in the service of Gazprom.

Kaczynski is heading against "German Merivies"

 Kaczynski is heading against © Agencja via Reuters Jaroslaw Kaczynski in September in Skowronki before the visit of Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) in Poland, the chairman of the national conservative ruling party PIS, Jaroslaw Kaczynski , who, in his opinion, complains "German dominance" in the EU. "What is now happening is the attempt to create a European state with Germany at the top," said Kaczynski on Sunday in the Baltic Sea resort Kolberg (Kolobrzeg).

or Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU), who tries to freeze the war, whose outbreak he co -favors with his lobbying for the Kremlin.

East Germany not only has a representative problem on the executive floors of German companies. But also in regional politics, which all too often calls for populism instead of a attacked, democratic country that fights for the same values ​​as the peaceful revolutionaries on the streets of Leipzig, Plauen and East Berlin.

Resilience in Time breaks-actually East Germans have learned that the return to the values, which were peacefully won over more than 30 years ago, instead of nostalgia for their own crime holidays can make East Germany more stronger and thus more confident. And make it more natural to part of the united country. For this, however, the old vest must also see new eyes on the east - not just through the shock glasses. Fear and despite not helping in the crisis. But resilience in times of the time - actually many East Germans have already learned this from their own experience. You should activate this courage again.

After all, Germany agrees: the day of German unity is also more condensed in the old west. This has a good thing: Germany has become normal as a sovereign, democratic country in the heart of Europe - even if it is still looking for its role in the current crises.

The unit is still not carried out internally. But it is no longer an open question, but a matter of course in a still rich and rich country. At least that can be happy. Despite everything else.

Germany: in Berlin, tens of thousands of people demonstrate .
© AP - Christoph SOEDER The procession of an AFD demonstration crosses the Leipziger Straße in Berlin, Germany, this Saturday, October 8, 2022. Entering major regional elections in Basse-Saxe Sunday, October 9, the far-right AFD party mobilized a dozen thousands of people against inflation and the policy of sanctions against Russia, made responsible for the explosion of the price Energy.

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