US News: War in Ukraine: The results of the shot in Zaporijjia was 30 dead and 88 injured, according to the Ukrainian police

War in Ukraine: What must be remembered from the day of Monday, September 26,

 War in Ukraine: What must be remembered from the day of Monday, September 26, Ukrainian investigators examine a new alleged site of Charnier, on an industrial abandoned chicken farm in Kozatcha Lopan, near the Russian border. © supplied by Franceinfo while the Ukrainian authorities announced Monday, September 26, that investigators examine a possible mass grave in Lozatcha Lopan, near the Russian border, the anger of part of the Russians grew up on the order of mobilization issued last week. On the diplomatic level, London and Wahsington help kyiv and sanction Moscow .

Ukraine accuses Russia of having killed several dozen civilians making up to receive Humanitarian aid, during a bombing in the Zaporijjia region, in the south of the country.

  Guerre en Ukraine : le bilan de la frappe à Zaporijjia s'établit à 30 morts et 88 blessés, selon la police ukrainienne © supplied by Franceinfo

strikes it on a column of civil cars at the limit between the Ukrainian zone and the area occupied by the Russians of the Zaporijia region, south of Ukraine , left at least 30 dead And 88 injured, according to a new assessment communicated on Friday by Ukrainian police. "30 dead and 88 injured following another Russian war crime in Zaporijia," Ukrainian police chief Igor Klimenko said on Facebook. "Among the people killed are two children: an 11-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy," he added, adding that "a 3-year-old girl was also injured".

A "diabolical action": the West and unanimous China to denounce the referendums of annexation in Ukraine

 A © Copyright 2022, the Obs The prorusian authorities of the Ukrainian regions of Kherson, Lougansk, Donetsk and Zaporijia claimed Tuesday September 27 that the "yes" won in annexation "referendums", according to preliminary results relating to polling stations in Russian territory, a vote strongly criticized by the international community.

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The previous balance sheet, established earlier during the day by the Ukrainian prosecution, reported at least 25 dead and 50 injured. The strike took place near the city of Zaporijjia, not far from a crossing point between the part of the region controlled by the Ukrainians and that occupied by the Russian army.

"losses" within the Russian and Ukrainian Police

and Ukrainian accused of this bombing, the two camps broadcast photos of vehicles with puffed windows and inanimate bodies on social networks.

On Facebook, Igor Klimenko deplored important "losses" within his teams, with a dead and 27 injured, including "four in serious condition". According to the Ukrainian police chief, 80 specialists, including investigators, are already on the site to collect material elements on the origin of the strike. A crater several meters deep was notably visible, noted an AFP journalist.

War in Ukraine: What must be remembered from Friday October 7 .
The Ukrainian President notably said in his daily speech that the Ukrainian army had taken up nearly 2,500 km2 of the Russian forces this week. © supplied by Franceinfo nearly 2,500 km2 of territory have been taken over to the Russian forces by the Ukrainian army since the start of the counter-offensive launched at the end of September, said Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, Friday, October 7. In parallel, the pre -forces claimed to take three villages in the east of the country.

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