US News: Confrontations in Tehran between students and police

In Paris, tear gas to prevent demonstrators from arriving at the Iran

 In Paris, tear gas to prevent demonstrators from arriving at the Iran Embassy Party of Place du Trocadéro, the Parisian procession headed for the Iran Embassy before being stopped by Police, which used L tears for © AFP or Licensors in Paris, the police used tear gas to prevent thousands of demonstrators from reaching the Iranian Embassy.

Iran -Femmes/ (Photo): clashes in Tehran between students and police

by Parisa Hafezi

Dubai, October 2 (Reuters) - Iranian security forces faced the students of One of the main university of Tehran, reported several official media, while the protest movement launched by the death of a woman arrested by police is in her third week.

The demonstrations against the death of Mahsa Amini, an Iranian 22 -year -old Kurdish who died shortly after his arrest by the police of manners, have constituted the most important expression of rejection of the Iranian religious authorities since 2019. The repression of this movement has already made several dozens of deaths across the country.

Manifestations: Iran summons the French affairs manager at Tehran

 Manifestations: Iran summons the French affairs manager at Tehran Iran-Femmes-France: demonstrations: Iran summons the French affairs manager at Tehran © Reuters/Florion Goga Photo of Archives of the Flag Iranian taken at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tirana Dubai (Reuters) - the French affairs manager in Tehran was summoned by the Iranian authorities to explain the position of France about the recent Demonstrations in Iran, reports the semi-official agency Fars on Thursday.

According to the Twitter Tavsir1500 account, very followed since the start of the movement, Sharif University, traditional dissent home, is surrounded by dozens of riot police.

One of the videos broadcast on social networks showed the security forces pulling tear gas to hunt campus students and the sound of what seemed to be distance fire could be heard.

Another video shows the security forces pursuing dozens of students trapped in the university's underground car park.

Reuters could not independently verify the events that occurred at university.

Sunday, students demonstrated in many universities and demonstrations took place in several cities such as Tehran, Yazd, Kermanshah, Sanandaj, Shiraz and Mashhad, the participants chanting "independence, freedom, died in Khamenei", according to messages published on social media. (Parisa Hafezi; French version Nicolas Delame)

In Iran, the dispute does not weaken despite the repression .
© via AFP a fire motorcycle in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on October 8, 2022. if the Iranian security forces harded their action against antigenmental demonstrations on Monday In several Kurdish cities, the dispute has not been weakened since the death of the young Kurdish Mahsa Amini in the hands of the customs police.

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