US News: Tragedy in an Indonesia stadium: the tears of the inhabitants of Malang

The Philippines threatened by the super-type Noru

 The Philippines threatened by the super-type Noru © Kevin Tristan ESPIRITU The Philippin Rescue Services are preparing for the arrival of the Typhon Noru, on September 25, 2022 in Quezon City, in the suburbs of Manila the Super-Typhon Noru was heading for the Philippines on Sunday, where he was to fall on the densely populated island of Luzon, causing preventive evacuations in coastal cities. accompanied by winds from 195 km/h, Noru, called Karding in the Philippines, is the most powerful typhoon recorded this year in the country.

at least 125 people died in Indonesia in a crowd movement that occurred on Saturday in a stadium in Indonesia.

  Tragédie dans un stade d'Indonésie : les larmes des habitants de Malang © supplied by Paris Match

after the drama, tears. Many anonymous gathered on Sunday in front of the Kanjuruhan stadium, in the city of Malang, in Indonesia after a crowd movement which left more than 125 dead the day before. A hundred people were also injured in what is one of the worst tragedies ever in a stadium. The toll first mentioned 127 dead and it was announced that 174 people had lost their lives before finally talking about 125 deaths.

The situation degenerated on Saturday evening when fans of the local team of Arema FC entered the field after the defeat of their team 3 to 2 against that of Persebaya Surabaya. It was the first time in more than twenty years that the Arema FC lost to its large rival in the neighboring town of Surabaya. Police, who described this incident as "riots", tried to persuade fans to regain the stands and pulled tear gas after the death of two police officers. Many victims have been fatally trampled on. Survivors have described spectators taken from panic, blocked by the crowd, when the police launched tear gas.

Who is this beer drinker with a cheating humor who presents himself to the presidential election in Austria? .
© Photo: Joe Klamar / AFP Dominik Wlazny, 35, punk singer and founder of the beer party (Bierpartei), is a presidential candidate in Austria. founder of the "Beer party", singer Punk Dominik Wlazny (Marco Pogo of his stage name) presents himself to the presidential election in Austria, whose election takes place Sunday October 9, 2022.

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