US News: This factor makes us age even faster than smoking - according to study

wine, schnapps or beer - what makes faster drunk and what makes you thick?

 wine, schnapps or beer - what makes faster drunk and what makes you thick? A glass of wine per evening doesn't hurt? Beer is far less harmful than schnapps? What the vernacular likes to suggest us now take a closer look. How much alcohol is actually harmful and what makes you drunk faster - schnapps, wine or beer? © provided by Berliner Kurier Read: blatant electricity price explosion: This scenario threatens to us if… >> The misconception that a glass of red wine is good for the heart in the evening has long been scientifically refuted.

  DIESER Faktor lässt uns noch schneller altern, als Rauchen – laut Studie © Michelle Leman on Pexels older, we all become - but while some factors delay the process, other things even accelerate older. A new study now reveals a frightening factor that influences our body even more negatively than harmful cigarette smoking. © Michelle Leman on Pexelswas drives the wrinkles in the face? What is meant are not cigarettes or unhealthy nutrition ... © omar Lopez/Unsplashlaut Current study keep us friends and social contacts young! This factor ages to almost two decorations, alcohol, smoking, too little sleep, stress - all of these things are known for leaving our eyes and quickly letting us look. Because both the ingredients of food and drinks as well as psychological factors have a great impact on our body. A new study now showed terrifying: A very specific situation makes us age biologically even faster than harmful cigarette consumption. Fedor Galkin of the start-up Deep Longevity Limited found that certain psychological factors increase significantly through certain psychological factors. This includes, for example, accidents or loneliness! Accordingly, socially isolated people should have a biologically almost 2 -year -older effect if they suffer from the lack of interaction and communication. Ergo: Worky and going out among people actually keeps young! This also confirms age researcher Prof. Dr. Sven Voelpel of the Jacobs University. He describes social contacts and interactions as one of the most important factors for a happy and long life. Psychology: 3 signs that their perception is cloudy doesn't matter who they talk about their worries - do they always feel confirmed in their fears? Whatever to her, nothing brings her from her ... Read more]> Menschen in Ihrem Leben kommen und gehen, aber manche Freundschaften halten für immer. © Omar Lopez/Unsplash people come and go in their lives, but some friendships keep forever.

ZFE: traffic restrictions have proven health benefits .
According to a study, the implementation of low -emission zones makes it possible to reduce pathologies (asthma or low birth weight) in children, first victims of the air pollution. © supplied by Le Monde on the Parisian device, in 2018. Angular stone of the government's antipollution of the government, the low -emission zones (ZFE) and their upset deployment illustrate the inertia of the public authorities in front of a public health emergency.

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