US News: Supreme Court begins New Year of session with many disputed topics

Erdogan wants to block NATO joining of Sweden and Finland again

 Erdogan wants to block NATO joining of Sweden and Finland again Turkey wants to agree to the NATO beginnings of Sweden and Finland, according to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , if the countries "adhere to their promises". "As long as the promises are not redeemed, we will keep our position," Erdogan said in a speech in front of the parliament in Ankara on Saturday. Turkey follows exactly whether Sweden and Finland met the demands made by Turkey .

The first black constitutional judge in history and many controversial topics on the agenda: The Supreme Court of the United States started its new session on Monday. The Supreme Court in Washington, who had caused a political earthquake in summer with the abortion of fundamental rights to abortions, will deal with the right of voting, programs to promote African Americans, migration issues and the protection of homosexuals from discrimination, among other things .

Die erste schwarze Verfassungsrichterin der Geschichte und viele kontroverse Themen auf der Agenda: Der Oberste Gerichtshof der USA hat sein neues Sitzungsjahr begonnen. Der Supreme Court hatte im Sommer mit der Abschaffung des landesweiten Grundrechts auf Abtreibungen für ein politisches Erdbeben gesorgt. © Stefani Reynolds The first black constitutional judge of history and many controversial topics on the agenda: The Supreme Court of the USA has started its new year of session. The Supreme Court had caused a political earthquake in summer with the abolition of the nationwide fundamental right to abortions.

The new constitutional judge Ketanji Brown Jackson also took part in the first hearing of the session year - the first African -American judge at the Supreme Court in the history of the Court of Justice. The liberal lawyer nominated by President Joe Biden was confirmed by the Senate in April. She replaced the also liberal constitutional judge Stephen Breyer, who retired.

Iran: The supreme guide accuses the United States and Israel of having fomented "riots"

 Iran: The supreme guide accuses the United States and Israel of having fomented "concerned about information on repression", Joe Biden intends to inflict "new sanctions on the authors of violence" © / /Sipa Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, supreme Iranian guide, during an army ceremony, in Tehran on October 3, 2022. demonstrations - "concerned about information on repression", Joe Biden Account inflicts "News Sanctions to the authors of violence " The first reaction of the Iranian Supreme Guide to the demonstrations was expected.

Jackson's entry into the Supreme Court did not change the clear conservative majority at the Court of Justice: six of the nine constitutional judges belong to the conservative camp, three of them were nominated by Biden's predecessor Donald Trump.

The conservative majority had made worldwide headlines in June when it led the "Roe v. Wade" fundamental judgment that had been in force for almost 50 years, which had anchored a fundamental fundamental right to abortions. This gave states the right to massively restrict or ban pregnancy abortions, a historical turning point. In other controversial judgments, the constitutional judges strengthened the rights of gun owners and weakened the powers of the environmental authority EPA.

breakdowns in the federal election: "traffic lights" partly wants to repeat coordination in Berlin

 breakdowns in the federal election: due to numerous organizational problems and breakdowns in the Bundestag election in Berlin, the traffic light coalition wants to have the vote repeated in around 300 of the almost 2300 polling stations. "We are limited to the second votes," said SPD MP Johannes Fechner on Tuesday of the AFP news agency. © dpa Like the traffic light coalition, the Bundestag election in Berlin wants to be repeated in and 300 polling stations.

Liberal observers fear that the Supreme Court could also make pioneering conservative judgments in the new year of session. Among other things, the judges will deal with a law to protect the rights of African American voters. In a further case, it is about the competencies of states in nationwide elections - a highly explosive issue, especially since the 2020 presidential elections that were shaped by incorrect allegations by incumbent.

is also the politics of many universities to take into account the skin color of the applicants when choosing students. This procedure known under the name Affirmative Action is intended to improve the university access of minorities, but has been criticized by conservative activists and politicians for a long time.

David Cole from the Civil Rights Organization American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said that the Supreme Court "used his newly won conservative power aggressively in the past meeting of the meeting" in order to impose established case law. "This year the court seems ready to do this again." It cannot be assumed that the Supreme Court will appear "moderately", said Cole.

Ilya Shapiro from the Conservative Menu factory Manhattan Institute, on the other hand, said that the Supreme Court is currently only in the process of correcting the "Excesses" of the 1970s.

The extremely powerful Supreme Court plays a central role in the United States institutional structure. The Court of Justice decides on the constitutionality of laws and government action and basically has the last word for legal issues. The Supreme Court has made groundbreaking decisions on highly controversial topics such as the right to abortion, the right of weapons and the death penalty.


Gloria Allred: "We need a Simone Veil in America" ​​.
© Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images in the United States, Lawyer Gloria Allred is famous for defended Norma McCorvey , better known under the Pseudonym of Jane Roe and at the origin of the ROE Versus Wade judgment rendered by the Supreme Court in 1973. The recent anti-abortions scares him. From Los Angeles, she entrusts her anger, while hoping that one day, emerges at the highest level of the state, a woman from the caliber of Simone Veil .

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